WoWeekly: Things To Do Before Cataclysm Comes Out!

By Lia

It’s the time of the WoW year when everything seems to be slowing down. This usually happens when a new expansion is about to come out.  I’m guessing that Cataclysm will be coming out around December (this year) or January (next year, duh). I noticed those were the months when expansions usually get released.

By this time (considering you’ve been playing since the start of an expansion), your main toons are probably decently geared and you’ve probably experienced all the content already. By now, you’re probably asking, what is there to do now in WoW?

So here’s a list of things to do while waiting for Cataclysm (or any expansion for that matter) to come out:

1. Save your gold, and make more gold! Trust me, when expansion comes out, you’d want to have a lot of gold saved! I’m guessing they’ll probably introduce a new expensive fee to be able to use your flying mount in the old Azeroth.

2. Try to complete achievements. Especially those with rare mounts as rewards. Remember the rare bear mount in Zul’Aman? It’s highly possible that they might remove the rare mounts rewards if the achievements are too easy to achieve.

3. Max out your professions, if you haven’t. Admit it, some of you guys are slacking off with their professions. Like me. Haha. My enchanting is stuck at 420 at the moment. I know right, just a couple of more points. But then like I said, I’m a slacker, haha. Oh, and that reminds me… my cooking is at 0. Haha.

4. Level a new alt. You can take this time to level a new alt, especially if you plan to roll another class. But then, if you’re planning to make a Worgen toon or a Goblin toon, you may want to save your energy for the grind.

5. Go around old Azeroth and take photos! As you all know, when Cataclysm comes out, Barrens will be transformed into an entirely new place! Take as much screenshots as you like ’cause you’ll probably never see the old Barrens ever again. Atleast you’ll have photos to show your future WoW babies!

6. And lastly, take a break from WoW! As much as it saddens me when people stop playing the game, I suggest you take a break from WoW, or else you’ll get burnt out and probably leave the game altogether. A month or two before an expansion comes out is the best time to take a break, since you’ve probably experienced most of the game content anyway. Just don’t forget to let your guildmates and friends know, or they will most likely kick you out of the guild if you just disappear so suddenly. AND MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK TO PLAY!

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