WTF FTW: 5 Messed Up Video Game Endings

When you finish a video game, you are supposed to met with a sort of full-circle feel. You get closure for the story and as a player, it is often met with a deep sense of contentment. Cool, I beat a video game and got rewarded appropriately for that. I rock.

BUT (and there is ALWAYS a but)….

Every now and then, a video game will throw an ending at you that is just bizarre or half-assed, and you will almost feel used. Like you got played (kinda literally). As anyone who has read this site knows, I have a thing for weird game endings, so let’s tackle six more, shall we?

OBVIOUS SPOILER ALERT FOR ALL GAMES ON LIST (but I kept them fairly old so don’t worry).



If I were to be asked what the most underrated franchise of the 7th generation was, the Crysis games would get a vote. Some of the best looking games back then (and still, honestly), Crysis was just a great series that not enough FPS fans played. BUT, the first game’s ending was kind of a dick kick.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

I am not going to fill you all in on whole story, but I will tell you this. They end Crysis with a cliffhanger (kinda not a cool move when someone shells out 60 bucks IMHO) and it is a cliffhanger they do not touch or resolve at ALL in the second game. Yes, so imagine if the Walking Dead ended with something important and came back the next season and NEVER even talked about it?

Yeah, fucked up, huh?

Resistance 2


Okay, let’s make something wholly clear right away: I don’t hate games taking chances and going for a darker ending. If you feel like killing the hero is essential to the story, I get it. It happens. But it doesn’t mean it always works. By the time you finish Resistance 2, if you played through both games then you have a certain attachment to the (admittedly somewhat shallow) lead character.

For that very reason, ending Resistance 2 with the death of the lead may have sounded like a very cool thing on paper, but when your WHOLE aim was keeping that dude alive through 2 campaigns and then to have him die anyway and out of your control felt sorta like a cop out.

Keep in mind, an example of this working (killing off lead in ending) was Wolfenstein: The New Order. Hell, I had tears in my eyes during that ending. But Resistance 2, not so much. I just felt robbed.

Eternal Sonata


I know no one played this game but me and like 12 other people, but too bad, I am writing the list. The kicker about this 7th Gen JRPG was the fact that the whole game was supposed to be about a boy (Chopin, no less) dreaming this entire game up while in a fevered coma, and the game ends and we find out it is not a fever dream but real. I know that seems insignificant, but the kicker is, “this all exists in a dream” was the only thing about the game that made sense, so taking that away at the end and being like HA was kind of lazy and it felt very anti-climatic to me.

And apprently only me because no one else played this (visually stunning and kinda great) video game. So go play it now, asshats.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days


The Kane and Lynch games are kinda like that one friends who tries to use the word FUCK too much just to be shocking, and we all know how fucking lame that is. So it isn’t like anyone was fucking expecting some major awesome ending for the 2010 sequel, but we got naked men and an ending that people, literally, didn’t think was the ending. They fucking held the controller and waited for the next mission, but it never fucking came, just like your ex-wife.

The ending was just some guys getting on a plane and it faded to black. No REAL ending, no closure, and a cliffhanger for a shitty game that will never get a sequel? Yeah, no thanks. Can’t wait for part 3 not NOT EVER COME OUT. That oughta be fun.

Bionic Commando (Reboot)


Let me start this by saying in the end of the original NES game, you kill HITLER! You fucking kill HITLER, and like, a zombie robot Hitler no less. BUT, the reboot decided to toss all that coolness aside and give what may very well be the lamest game ending of all time besides Fable 2. Long and short is, you find out your mechanical, grappling hook arm is imbued with soul of your dead wife. Yup, the thing you had been using to fight and grapple from ledges is actually your dead wife. I am NOT messing you with you. This really happened.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I will be LAUGHING FOREVER AT THIS ENDING.

*Laughs forever

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