The Order of X: X-Men in the Middle Ages [Concept Art]

What if The X-Men existed in the Middle Ages? The possibilities are endless (and who says some of them weren’t around then anyway?), and if you ask artist Nate Hallinan, what you will get is The Order of X.

He created The Order of X, a collection of concept art depicting The X-Men as lords and ladies, complete with back stories.

Naturally, we start with the head honcho, Lord Charles Xavier – lord and founder of The Order of X.

Next comes the most popular of the mutants, Wolve’rune – Loghand.

More than the amazing concept art, the back stories are pretty interesting. It gives one insight to the creative mind of Nate Hallinan. Here’s a snippet of Loghand’s story:

Loghand is not just another grouchy dwarf, unlike other dwarves he has the ability to heal quickly. He earned his surname Wolve’rüne with his fierce temperament and his odd ability to return from battles unscathed. The name roughly translates from dwarvish as the ‘The Stone Wolf.’ Stone and earth being long lasting and enduring, while wolves being ferocious ill tempered beasts; thus the name Wolve’rüne.

Isn’t that worthy of another storyline?

And here are a couple more.

If you’re just as impressed as I am, I suggest you visit The Order of X page to read about all the characters.

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