XBOX 360 Case Mod: Marine Nano Reef

We’ve seen case mods for the XBOX 360 everywhere. From turning the whole console portable, to injecting it with a nitro-cooler, to paint jobs that are just so crazy-awesome. This, however caught my eye as a marine enthusiast and diver: a total conversion of an XBOX 360 into a nano-reef. Yep, that porcelain crab you see up there isn’t living out in the open. That’s actually magnified by a lot and it’s living inside a gaming console.

What is it: It is a custom build XBOX 360 nano-reef.

What’s a nano-reef? Scientifically speaking, marine tanks (sea water) operates very differently from fresh water tanks. The latter cab ne summarized with a gold fish bowl with water and things can actually be fine. Salt water tanks are different. You’ll need to delicately keep water current flowing, temperature monitored to roughly 24 degrees celcius depending on what types of coral you want to grow, lighting to simulate moonlight and daylight and a lot of other “behind the scenes” tanks to generate protein and keep the salt water clean. Now, the smaller a tank is, the harder it becomes to maintain because you’re basically trying to recreate a complete eco-system with under 10 gallons of water.

Jacques Costeau himself said that the ocean is the world’s sewer because of its sheer size. Imagine having a sewage system that’s about 5 gallons capacity. It’s going to be pretty tough maintaining this.

Setups like this won’t allow for a lot of life. In fact it’s highly discouraged to even have fish living here. Invertebrates, crabs and shrimps are your best bet.

Nano reefs such as these need a lot of TLC. 60% water changes every week. Fresh saltwater mixes. Cleaning. It needs 24/7 power and a backup generator system in case the power goes out. All the stuff that needs commitment. This hobby is generally not advised unless you’re 101% serious in building tanks. You can actually start with gutting out an XBOX 360, waterproof it and instead of salt water, start with a fresh water setup which won’t require as much backend wiring. You’ll basically just need an aerator and a filter to get one of these going. And a gold fish.


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