Y: The Last Man Introduction

If there is any market which is hard to penetrate and bring a whole new theme upon, it’s certainly in the comic’s industry.

Many try, some make it, some gather dust on the shelves. And then, every decade or so, comes a comic book masterpiece that turns the industry upside down and re-writes many of the basic notions of what comics should have.

This decade’s classic series is very likely to be this one.

The story begins with a young man named Yorick, thus the Y, and of the whole planet, as it is hit by a strange disease that wipes out everything with a male chromosome, except for young Yorick and his pet monkey.

Even though it seems that Yorick is man-kind’s last hope, he refuses to let himself be used for the sake of procreation and sets out to try and find his girlfriend who he last heard was in Australia.

The greatest thing about this story, besides it’s original storyline is the sheer realism of it all. The events that occur, are all in our present age. And most of the alternatives that the surviving women find are strangely realistic, and somewhat scary.

How many women can operate an airplane? How many women can pilot a boat? How many women are fishermen?

Confronted by these facts, our hero and his team try to make their way to the other side of the world, whilst trying to avoid any, and all, confrontations with females, and observing how women struggle to survive in a world in which they underestimated the value and importance of men.

Regardless of whether you are a comic book fan or not, there is something in this book for you. Whether you’re into comedy, romance, drama or action.

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