YABO - the friendly robot for lonely, unmarried persons

“YABO is friendly robot for lonely unmarried persons.”

Yes, that is the actual description of this little droid on the designer’s official website. At least he knows his target audience right?

In all seriousness, YABO here is a design concept droid (and yes, I really am going to refer to all of these robots from here on out as “droids”. Forever.) The little guy can communicate in a variety of ways utilizing his sensors for hearing, feeling and infrared, while also featuring a built-in camera, internal speaker, wheels and an LCD display. His face can change colors and he could snap back a variety of audi snippets if he was feeling chatty. On top of that, your only friend (since you are lonely and single if you’ve purchased one) can also help with your electricity bill, turning off unused items and kick your AC off when you’re not home.

I think the design is cute as a button, and that the little guy might also make a great “family pet” for those who live in apartments or rent houses who aren’t allowed to have real live pets that crap on, and chew up, the carpet (damn dog).

Thanks to Steve for sending this in.

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