Twitter often is the source of many a great meme. Everyone who doesn’t follow the ‘Circle of Jerks’ FAVRD where some of the funniest heavily favorited tweets are display can always follow the hottest topics at Twitter Search. Today’s meme could not be more appropriate, more old-school than Twitter, but it made me laugh lots: #nerdpickuplines.
I present you some of the funniest nerdy pickup lines I read.

  1. Your place or my Mom’s? #
  2. If I ever got stuck time traveling you would always be my constant. #
  3. baby, if this were a bar would SO [command+tab] over to you and [option+command+w] everyone else. #
  4. All you need is a shell and baby, you can get access to my root #
  5. hey want to rm -rf /some/frustration? #
  6. I got my own big bang theory that I would like to teach you #
  7. My heart gets +12 celerity whenever you come out of obfuscate… #
  8. Wow I love your User Interface #

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  1. I want you… up against my Facebook wall. #
  2. A search for you on turned up zero results because you’re perfect. #
  3. we can reach each other better if you disable your firewall.#
  4. Should I DM you in the morning or nudge you? #
  5. If I said you had a beautiful would you let me verify your xml? #
  6. Baby, I’ll make your buffer overflow. #
  7. You’re the largest word in my tweet cloud. #
  8. Your beauty has pwned my heart. #
  9. Id like to play with your touch interface #
  10. I haz multi-touch #
  11. Hey… @hotdogsladies starred my tweet. You know… Merlin Mann. From You Look Nice Today. No? Fuck. #
  12. I’m the droid you’re looking for. #
  13. Hey baby, whats your favorite position?.. mine’s 90°/ -90° #
  14. I was hoping you wouldn’t block my pop-up. #
  15. I own a $20 million startup. Make that $2 million. Make that $2,000. #
  16. I’d like to mixx myspace with your facebook and see what wiki get? Then fark your tweet twits. #
  17. Why don’t you remove those resistors and let me discharge my capacitor into your ground loop. #
  18. my seed ratio is 6.9 #
  19. My user agreement is tattooed on my inner thigh. Push the button labeled ‘I agree’ and submit. #
  20. I’ll you give you a laptop dance. #
  21. You’re so much cuter than your avatar #
  22. I don’t even need F5, you’re so fresh. #
  23. Baby, you;re hotter than (CH3)2CHCH=CH(CH2) 4CONHCH2C6H3-4-(OH)-3-(OCH3) #
  24. You’ve got +5 charisma and I’ve got +5 stamina, let’s assemble a horde. #
  25. Would you like to be the denominator to my numerator? #
  26. :10 get it on
    :20 sleep 5
    :30 goto 10 #
  27. In bed, i last longer than a twitter meme. #
  28. Do you mind if I qik your unboxing? #
  29. If looks could kill, your face would be the Cylon attack on the 12 Colonies, except your face would kill the fleet, too. #
  30. Come back to my place, I’ll mount your disk and fsck you all night long #

If you want to read more, just look the hashtag up.

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