Your Favourite Travel Posters Have Been Transformed as Must-See Fictional Destinations

Travel posters have evolved way past the framed palm trees and sunset beaches we’re used to. For a lot of us, those images highlighted a golden age of travel. Our minds were taken away to incredible go-to destinations, leaving us yearning for the chance to hop on a flight and explore new and beautiful places.

But why should we just restrict our imaginations to the places we CAN go to? Sometimes, we long to take our imagination to places beyond our human limitations. Our favourite films and television shows serve as a great source of inspiration. There’s nothing funner than imagining yourself in a far away galaxy, or even a special Shire?

In the spirit of putting a fun twist on the conventional travel poster, Aspire Doors have created their own illustrations, inspired by some of the most popular fictional travel places.


The charming school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is most famous for the secrets it holds. Beyond the halls of Hogwarts, lies a history that would make any young witch or wizard tread carefully.

Despite this, this legendary school has a view that’s hard to beat and grounds that are home to the best witches and wizards the world has ever seen – that is if you can get past the giant spiders first…


Who hasn’t dreamed about venturing out into the depths of Middle-Earth at least once in their life?

The famous Shire is the perfect place to mingle amongst the Hobbits and enjoy the quaint cottages and beautifully green scenery. Who wouldn’t love that sort of peace and quiet?


A Handmaid’s Tale might not be on the list as a quintessential travel destination. Depicting the United States post-patriarchal takeover by extreme Christians, Gilead masks its stereotypically quaint all-American pleasantries with a dark, psychological regime. Quite frankly, who wouldn’t be intrigued?


If you fancy a trip here, you better be prepared. According to Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Granted, that’s not the most glowing review, but if you’re up for the challenge, it’s bound to be the adventure of a lifetime.


Welcome to Superman’s playground!

As a journalist by day-turned supreme superhero by night, fighting crime is really all in a day’s work.

Let’s face it, Superman’s life is the great taste of escapism we’re all looking for. Metropolis is definitely the place to be for up-close-and-personal action!

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