You might see a gigantic piece of the old Stargate: SG-1 set. But I’m thinking best lawn ornament ever. Assuming you have a lawn big enough to accommodate the thing. It’s a whopping 264 feet in diameter.

Yes, this is an actual Stargate set prop from the show, and has been used on location to represent the gate found on countless worlds that the SG-1 crew traveled to. And yep, you can own it for your very lonesome, thanks to the Stargate Live Auction, which is coming up this weekend, September 25th & 26th. You can take part in person if you live in Seattle, or you can register to be able to bid from home, via the Internet.

Hundreds of items are available to bid on from the show, including any number of costumes, weapons of all shapes and sizes, production art from the show, furniture both real and fake, and hundreds of doodads like dogtags, sunglasses, jewelry, and patches worn by the military crew. Click here to download a PDF of the catalog that lists all available auction items.

Nothing says ice-breaker like Apophis’ giant Serpent Guard Helmet. Perfect for answering the door when those Jehovah’s Witnesses come calling.

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