Why Does YouTube Want You To Pay Twenty Bucks To Watch Marvel's Civil War?

I have talked in depth before about how YouTube now does rentals. While it seems like a good, convenient idea, I stumbled upon something today on YouTube and am left wondering how the hell something like this can happen. Let’s say you wanted to rent the recent DC animated Killing Joke movie, you would spend five bucks or so to pay for the convenience of being able to watch it right there, at your computer, that moment.

BUT (and there is always a but) if you were to bring up Marvel’s Civil War right now, you would see (and even from the photo above) that they would ask you to pay twenty dollars. Not to own the movie, mind you. This is for you essentially unlocking one viewing. For TWENTY DOLLARS! Does anyone else see something wrong with this? To BUY the same exact movie from Target, you would pay five dollars LESS than YouTube and be able to keep the whole film to watch whenever you want. So really, the main question I have is, do you know anyone who rents from YouTube, and if so, can you land me an interview with them because I need to better understand this kind of insane thinking to make sense of it.

Have we become SO LAZY as a collective society we are willing to pay five times more for something LESS just to ensure we do not have to move? If such is the case, humanity is beyond hope. It’s the end, people, women and children to the lifeboats first.

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