Zack Snyder To Direct New Superman Movie, Chris Nolan Also Helping Out

Zack Snyder likes to make movies that are visually unique (300) and interesting to watch with new fresh ideas (Watchmen), so to say I was ecstatic to learn that he would be directing the upcoming Superman movie is an understatement.

However, the news gets even better, Chris Nolan Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is “supervising” the production which should help Snyder add some nice dark elements compared to the film, compared to the almost “cheery” or “whimsical” last attempt Superman Returns.

But that wasn’t enough for studios heads, they also decided to throw in David Goyer, if you’re unfamiliar with his scripted work, just check out Batman Begins then follow it up with some Blade.

Okay so Watchmen wasn’t the best graphic novel movie rendition, but at least Snyder attempted to push the boundaries of how comic books are portrayed on the big screen. However, what I don’t like is a point raised by ToplessRobot, that’s the character of General Zod, who played the villain in the follow-up to the 1979 movie that Superman Returns was based on. Why in the world would you continue in the footsteps of an awful attempt at a new portrayal of a movie, with an awful villain from the movie that preceded it.

If there’s one positive of the Zod rumor, it’s just that…it’s only a rumor discovered at /Film and has not been confirmed by anyone at the studio.

If I had my choice, I would go with a more interesting villain, perhaps Brainiac or Bizarro, but certainly not Zod.  Give one of the other villains who should have been in past Superman movies, but weren’t, a try at the big screen, after all it’s true comic book fans and their hype for these comic book based movies that help them succeed.

What do you think? Should General Zod be called up to perform, if not, which villain would you like to see in a new Superman movie?

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