Zombie Gunship Now in HD and still .99 cents

It’s definitely one of the biggest twists to zombie apocalypse games. In Zombie Gunship, the humans have taken the fight back to the undead from the skies. Combining the most exciting moments from Modern Warfare 2 on board an AC130 and adding a zombie twist (heck the black pings don’t even look anything near zombies), Zombie Gunship is hands down one of the better 5-minute fixes I’ve gotten my hands on.

As an AC130 gunner, you have three different types of arsenal at your disposal. You must use these to light up the ground and defend the human bunker from being overrun by zombies. Outside, you must also help escort civilians (identified as white pings) as they run towards the bunker. At times, they may be entangled in a zombie brawl and you must use your gatling gun to pick off the zombies with pinpoint accuracy. As time progresses, the zombie hordes grow in numbers and they start to move a little bit faster pinning you to set the ground right in front of the bunker on fire. Accidentally kill civilians or let some of the zombies in and the game ends, at which point you can view your stats and upgrade your weaponry.

There’s only one bunker and one scenario, but the replay value is intense. The drab AC130 console graphics are overshadowed by the well-made sound effects of all the weapons amidst the plane’s constant humming as it circles the battlefield.

As you pick off zombies, you are awarded with coins that allow for the purchase of upgrades to each of your weapons, additional defenses to the human bunker and radar range. Each weapon has specific upgrades including DPS, heat dissipation, reload time, actual damage, splash damage. As you kill more zombies and rescue survivors, you rack up more and more points for upgrades to play the same scenario over and over. If it sound repetitive, well it is. But that doesn’t mean the fun dies quickly.

The best part of Zombie Gunship HD is the fact that the devs kept the price point down to 0.99 cents with the release of the iPad version and that makes it so worth it owning both the retina and HD versions.

Download Now for iOS (opens iTunes link)

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