Zombiecalypse, Icelandic Version

Zombie Iceland

Till I actually heard the audiobook version of World War Z, I never thought anything about the book. If I had an irrelevant bucket, it would have been placed there. A few minutes into the audiobook, though, I was hooked. Big time.

Today, I was reminded of the story when I heard about this book called Zombie Iceland. If my memory serves me well, Iceland was not a location covered in World War Z. However, if and when the zombiecalypse does happen, I am pretty sure the country will not be spared. They may not bear the brunt of the problem with their climate and all, but they will surely have their share of undead experiences.

So what makes Zombie Iceland interesting? (Aside from the fact that it is about zombies, that is.)

The book is actually a story of how zombies come to be – in Iceland. Here’s a short preview into what you can expect. ((Source))

Following an accident at the construction of a new Icelandic power plant, there is a short but intense burst of sulfur gone sour. Reports of a mysterious illness amongst the plant workers begin to spread as they infect friends and family through cannibalism. Even worse, the sick rise from the dead and can only be killed once their brains have been damaged. Now the gritty undead wander the streets of Reykjavík and a group of misfits struggle to survive in “Zombie Iceland”.

So if the source of zombies were to be Iceland, we can all blame “sulfur gone sour” for this. Of course, there has to be a hero – or a group of them – and the story has to showcase their spirit, grit, and courage. While we don’t know just how the story will end (presumably with at least one hero surviving), the interesting thing is that Zombie Iceland is more than about zombies. It also has the goal of showcasing what Iceland has to offer the traveler. People who may want to visit Iceland in the future – zombiecalypse or not – will find a lot of tips and advice in the book. Footnotes are included that shed light on cultural practices in Iceland, food, history, as well as places of interest. If you are the market for a travel guide to Iceland, I think that Zombie Iceland is a better choice than your average travel book!

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