Be Prepared for the Zombiecalypse with the Zombie Fortification Cabin

I won’t question your belief in the fact that at some point in the future, the zombiecalypse will happen. After all, who in his right mind won’t believe that mankind will do something to make this a reality?

There are only two questions that matter:

  • What kind of zombie will we be facing?
  • Are you prepared to do what it takes to survive the zombiecalypse?

Perhaps you already have your survival bag, stashed with food and water that lasts forever – plus other essentials. And just like certain people who have a PhD do, your bag is within reach anytime. (Never mind that he’s a fictional character from a TV show that a lot of people like to hate.)

While your bag will certainly help, there is a better way to make sure you stay alive and not struggle during the zombiecalypse.

Enter the Zombie Fortification Cabin, or ZFC-1 as its makers also call it.

The Zombie Fortification Cabin is an exclusive product of Tiger Log Cabins, which makes and sells, well, log cabins. It seems that the company believes in the impending doom of hordes of zombies coming to bite and devour us, so they made this certified zombie-proof cabin. How they certified it, don’t ask me.

The specs are pretty impressive:

  • Upper deck with 360deg vantage point + escape hatch
  • Re-enforced slit windows, walls and doors
  • Barbed wire surround
  • Arsenal storage unit for weaponry
  • Garden Section to grow vegetables
  • Toilet System
  • Kitchen Area with Microwave
  • Living area with TV, Xbox and Sound system Turntables

You even get to pretend you’re still living in a normal world with a TV and an Xbox. You get all this for a “mere” £69995.00. That’s $113151.12. But that’s only for the basic model.

If you want additional protection and “amenities” like security cameras, riot protection outfits, and solar panels, you’ll have to shell out several thousands more.

Better safe than sorry, I say; but I need to win the lottery first.

If you have the money, check out the Zombie Fortification Cabin.

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