Hunter X Hunter has been on hold for a while, but it is still one of the most loved manga. The anime was no different as it managed to steal the hearts of many, including a Miss Universe contestant.

Anime fans fell in love with the story of Hunter X Hunter as it took viewers on various adventures. Right from Gon’s admiring bond with his friends to Killua’s tragic backstory, the anime and manga were a mix of drama, entertainment, and emotions. With each character sharing a different personality, it was easy for fans to admire them all. In fact, even Miss Universe Japan could not stop herself from falling for a character.

Miss Universe Japan names a Hunter x Hunter character her ideal type

Yukimi Matsuo, winner of the Miss Universe Japan 2013, named Leorio her ideal type. Matsuo’s love for anime does not come as a surprise as she has always wanted to be a manga artist.

In an interview, Matsuo pointed out that she had been drawing mangas for quite a few years but did not have a chance to follow her passion as she was busy with modeling. However, things changed soon after as she was contacted by an editor of a web manga magazine to work with the company.

Calling it her “final challenge,” Matsuo noted she always wanted to be a manga artist. She said: “My grades weren’t all that great, and my physical skills weren’t the best either. The one thing that I would be complimented on by my relatives were the illustrations I drew… I’m not very good at talking a lot, so I hoped I could convey my feelings by drawing manga. I showed my friends my illustrations to show them how I felt. That was about 5th grade.”

Fans think Leorio could be the next protagonist

Hunter X Hunter’s arcs have given Gon, Killua, and Kurapika a chance to shine as the protagonist of the story, but Lerorio hasn’t had that opportunity.

Some Reddit fans were convinced that he might have a big role to play in the coming chapters. One user theorized: “Leorio will go in search of the Nitro Rice, which will give Kurapika a longer life.” Another added: “Honestly Leorio needs it. We say he’s a main character but Togashi hasn’t given him any love. If he isn’t the main character during this arc or the next then he probably won’t ever be.”

“God I hope so. I was excited that he was in the new arc but he’s been totally sidelined this whole time,” wrote one more user. “Leorio the sigma desperately needs some progression,” said another.

What chapter does the anime end at?

There are two anime releases for Hunter X Hunter. The first one was released in 1999 by Nippon Animation and covers storyline until Chapter 184 of the manga.

Meanwhile, the other Hunter X Hunter anime was released in 2011 by Madhouse. This show covers the story until chapter 339.

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