Ditto has been a pesky Pokemon since its arrival in the very first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Of course, what would Pokemon GO be without our good pal Ditto? This guide will explain all of Ditto’s disguises for December in Pokemon GO.

This particular amorphous blob is known for cloning itself as other Pokemon, making it hard to know truly what Pokemon you are about to catch. You only get to find out once you have caught the Pokemon, which can lead to some disappointment if you think you’re catching a Pokemon you’ve wanted for a long time.

However, it is only a set few Pokemon, so hopefully, that will raise your spirits a little!

Here are all the Pokemon that Ditto can transform into in Pokemon Go this December 2022.

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield | Silver Tempest

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield | Silver Tempest

What Are The Pokemon Go Ditto Disguises for December 2022?

Whilst this list does seem to be large, don’t let it deter you from catching these Pokemon! Ditto has a low spawn and catch rate, so it isn’t highly likely that you will catch a Ditto every time you see one of these particular Pokemon.

Or, if you are a person who is hunting that Ditto, you will have to click on these Pokemon in hopes that you find your fated Ditto, as they do not appear in the Overworld. They are always disguised as another Pokemon, so you may have a bit of a hunt trying to find a disguised Ditto.

If you’re looking to catch a shiny Ditto, the disguised Pokemon won’t look shiny. It will be normal. When you catch it, however, it has a chance to be a shiny disguised Ditto! These Dittos are a blue color rather than purple.

That’s all you need to know about Ditto disguises in Pokemon GO for the month of December 2022.

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