What date and time will Beast Tamer episode 2 “Comrades” release on Crunchyroll and has an official preview plot been shared?

Between Berserk, Chainsaw Man, Bleach, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100 and Golden Kamuy, there is no shortage of mature anime this season with a fair amount of violence.

That means that it’s even more important to supplement all of those darkened themes with a fantasy series that provides easy, relaxed watching – something with some positivity.

Beast Tamer is exactly that type of show and after making its international premiere last week, fans are now curious as to what date and time episode 2 will release for streaming.

Beast Tamer episode 2: Release date and time confirmed

Beast Tamer episode 2, titled “Comrades” is scheduled to premiere via Crunchyroll on Saturday, October 8th.

As confirmed by the streaming platform, Beast Tamer episode 2 will release at the following international times:

Quick preview synopsis and post-credit scene

Whilst a preview trailer for Beast Tamer episode 2 has not been shared, the official Japanese website for the anime did provide the following synopsis:

“Rein is a fine adventurer, but…He is spotted by an adventurer who realizes that Kanade is a cat spirit tribe…….Then, during his first job, he discovers a merchant being attacked by a band of thieves and goes to his rescue.” – Beast Tamer 02 Story, via official website.

The episode 1 post-credit scene featured Rein and Kanade in a field, with Rein explaining how they need only one more thing for his adventurer’s trial – medicinal herbs.

He forms a temporary contract with a nearby bunny rabbit and tells it to fetch its friends – suddenly a large group of rabbits are around them, leading Kanade to exclaim how she’s in “fluffy heaven!”

Rein forms temporary contracts with all of the rabbits there, which both impresses and confuses Kanade who explains how this is a rare ability for any Beast Tamer – let alone one who has just tamed a Cat Spirit.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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