BL (Boys Love) webtoons are getting more and more popular in 2022 and here are some of the best ongoing and completed BL webtoons that you just can’t miss.

Dubbed as Yaoi or BL (Boys Love) genre, the popularity of Yaoi fandom can be traced back to Japan where in 1970, the size of Yaoi readers were estimated to be around 100,000–500,000 people.

Since then, the genre has expanded to multiple languages including Chinese, Thai, Korean, and more. The popularity of some of these BL webtoons have also prompted the plot to be taken for dramas.

The massive success of BL drama adaptations like Semantic Error and Cherry Blossoms After Winter and so many more BL webtoons is also encouraging the viewers to take a deeper look at the best of BL Literature that the webtoon world has to offer.

Best BL webtoons to read in 2022

Take a look at our current favourite list of BL webtoons which are widely loved for a reason!

  1. Dear Door

If fantasy mixed with drama and romance is your favorite genre, Dear Door will not disappoint you. Dubbed as one of the steamiest webtoons of 2022, Dear Door tells the story of police officer Kyungjoon who wakes up in a strange place while investigating a mysterious cult.

As he finds himself engulfed in flames thinking this is the end, a mysterious persona tells him that he can’t die without permission!

The webtoon is ongoing and has already released 107 episodes.

Where to read: Read the webtoon on Mantas. New episode is released every Tuesday.

2. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Though not an ongoing webtoon, the popularity of Cherry Blossoms After Winter skyrocketed after the success of the series. The heartwarming webtoon depicts the story of Haebom and Taesung, two childhood best friends who have grown apart after a tragedy had brought them under one roof as family almost 10 years ago.

But things suddenly get complicated at the end of their high school year when they find themselves in the same class for the first time.

Where to read: Read the webtoon on Tappytoon here.

3. Love Jinx

One of the ongoing webtoons that have a full potential for future drama adaptation is Love Jinx where Haekyung can navigate through all his problems except one; Every time he ends up kissing someone brings a series of bad luck to his life making him believe that kissing is jinxed for him.

The webtoon has so far released 42 episodes and new episodes are updated every month on 5th, 15th and 25th.

Where to read: Find Love Jinx on Mantas.

4. Secret Relationship

One of Kakao’s most popular BL webtoons is definitely Secret Relationship that are currently in talks of being turned into a drama.

Secret Relationship explores the popular love triangle of three men. Plot synopsis of the drama reads, “smart, clever, and resourceful, Daon worked hard to overcome being poor. But his cheap ways are getting on the last nerve of his coworker, Sunghyeon, who hates him! After an incident with his own impoverished parents, Daon is suddenly growing closer to Sunghyeon while balancing feelings for his former tutor, Jaemin. With mixed emotions and unspoken secrets, will Daon be rich with love or fall back into poverty?”

Made by McQueen STUDIO, the webtoon has released over 82 episodes.

Where to read: Find Secret Relationship on Tapas here.

best bl webtoons
Semantic Error teaser image (creators writer J. Soori, illustration Angy/ platform Mantas)

5. Semantic Error

Semantic Error needs little to no introduction. But even after the drama ft K-pop stars DKZ Jaechan and Park Seoham aired, what keeps the interest of the fandom in the original webtoon intact is a possibility of its returning after season 2.

Semantic Error tells the story of enemy to lovers, Sangwoo and Jaeyoung, two college kids who just can’t avoid each other. In a perfectly mechanical life of Sangwoo, Jaeyoung appears as an error that just can’t be debugged.

The webtoon version of Semantic Error differs slightly from the drama.

Where to read: Find all 56 episodes of Semantic Error in Mantas here.

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