As the fight is getting more and more intense, it’s getting hard to wait for the release of the Black Clover Chapter 322. The release date and time are here, including the recap from the previous chapter.

The unique storyline of Black Clover is taking it forward as one of the best manga series ever. Black Clover is currently on its 31st volume, and its 322nd chapter is scheduled for a release soon. The anime adaptation of Black Clover pulled even more international fans, but the new episodes stopped airing in March 2021. Fortunately, its manga is releasing a new chapter every week.

Peacemaker | Harcourt Teaser | HBO Max

Peacemaker | Harcourt Teaser | HBO Max

Black Clover Chapter 321 Recap

Chapter 321 was titled ‘Excuses’ and maintained the pace of the fight against Lucifero. Lecifero attacks Yuno, but he averts his attacks and engages in combat with him. Sekke realizes that Yuno has become far stronger than him despite joining the Magic Knights together.

Sekke tells Mimosa to escape, but she is fully concentrated on healing Asta. However, she wants to escape, but not without Asta. Mimosa knows that Asta will stay and fight, so she maintains her concentration in healing him. In the past, Asta encouraged Sekke and made him give the Royal Knights selection exam and told him that he had become stronger.

In the meantime, Mimosa runs out of spells, and Asta is not yet fully recovered yet. Asta thanks Mimosa and starts walking to join the fight with Yuno. Mimosa tries to stop him by saying that Lucifero defeated all the captains at once. But Asta continues walking to battle Lucifero.

Black Clover Chapter 322 Release Date And Time

Release Date

The new chapter 322 of Black Clover is officially getting released on Sunday, 6th February 2022. You can read chapter 322 either on Viz Media or Manga Plus’s official website. The smartphone apps for both of them are also available.

Release Time

The release time of Black Clover chapter 322 will vary for different regions due to its simultaneous release. Here’s the schedule for the exact timing of the chapter in different regions.

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