Boruto received the anime adaptation in 2017, and since then, it has given us 292 chapters without any major hiatus. Now, when the news of the anime going on hiatus after the 293rd episode started surfacing, fans wonder if the anime is ending or if it will come back with episode 294 soon. Well, you do not have to be afraid of the rumors as here we reveal all the information regarding the break.

It’s been six years since fans were first introduced to the animated version of Boruto, and since then, every one of them has been attached to the Ninja. So, after getting the news of the indefinite hiatus, every fan of Boruto was shocked, but now, we know what is actually going on in the brains of the creators. Hence, we’ll help you know the same.

Is Boruto anime ending?

No, Boruto anime is not concluding; the first part of the series will end with the upcoming episode, i.e., 293, which will get released on March 26, 2023. On March 9, the official source of Boruto confirmed that the first part of the anime is getting finished, but it’s not the end of Boruto’s story. The creators of the franchise also stated that the second part of the anime series is already in the works. However, no revelations regarding the release date have been announced.

Is the manga ending too?

No, the Boruto manga is still ongoing, and the creators have been publishing new chapters every month. The anime concludes with its Code Arc that runs from Chapters 56 to 71, a total of 16 chapters, that’s all gathered in four volumes of the manga. So, we may hope to see Boruto Part 2 anime series starting with the Prophecy Arc, beginning with the 71st chapter. Moreover, the Prophecy Arc has just started in the manga, so the good part about the break between Part 1 and 2 of the anime is that the manga will move ahead of the anime. Hence, the anime will get enough source material to adapt when it comes back.

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