What is the total number of episodes in Part 1 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series, set to conclude later this month?

It’s a day of excitement and sadness alike for fans of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations franchise.

On the one hand, many are delighted to hear that Part 2 of the anime has been confirmed to be in production, and will follow four new episodes from the OG Naruto series that are set to air this September.

On the other hand, many are sad to hear that the anime will be taking a break after the Part 1 finale – but how many episodes in total will the series end on?

Total number of Boruto Part 1 anime episodes confirmed

Today, March 9, it was confirmed that the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series would be entering a short hiatus following the broadcast of the Part 1 finale later this month.

The total number of episodes in Part 1 of the Boruto anime adaptation will be 293:

“The anime BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations began in April of 2017. Six years have passed since then, but episode 293, set to air on March 26th (JST), will mark the last episode of the first part of the series.”

These three final episodes from Boruto Part 1 will be released for OTT streaming via Crunchyroll at the following international times:

The original Naruto anime series ended with 220 episodes (2002-2007) Naruto: Shippuden followed with 500 episodes (2007-2017).

TV Tokyo has provided the following synopsis for episode 291:

“Boruto has finally managed to find his way to Kawaki’s location in order to help him out, as both of them have decided to defeat Code together. Since they have to face-off against Code – who possesses a high level of combat strength – Boruto activates his karma. In response, Code also activates his own Karma.

As the battle intensifies, Kawaki becomes increasingly uneasy about Boruto potentially getting his consciousness hijacked by Momoshiki once again. Meanwhile in Konohagakure Village, it seems like Boruto and Kawaki have vanished without anyone else noticing. In order to search for their whereabouts, the Nanadaime Kohage – Naruto – has decided to take it upon himself and embarks on a manhunt for them.”

Twitter page Organic Dinosaur has also shared the synopsis for episodes 292 and 293.

Episode 292:

“In the midst of their fierce battle, Kawaki’s fears have come true: Suddenly, Boruto’s consciousness has become completely hijacked by Momoshiki. As ‘Otsutsuki Momoshiki’, Boruto’s strength overwhelms Code. Kawaki is amazed at Boruto’s powers. Then, Naruto arrives on-scene. Nara Shikamaru is accompanying him. Kawaki is concerned for Naruto’s wellbeing, since he is Code’s target.

However, Naruto ignores Kawaki’s feelings. Naruto – as the Hokage – attempts to fight against Code. But despite his efforts, Shikamaru gets taken as a hostage by Code. Momoshiki then allies himself with Code – He is trying to carry out his former vengeance upon Naruto. Naruto has now fallen into a crisis and being driven into a corner.

Episode 293:

“Boruto is preparing to die in order to stop Momoshiki from hijacking his consciousness again. Meanwhile, Kawaki uses his Karma: It was restored to him through some treatments done by the scientist, Sanzu Amado. By using his Karma, Kawaku is able to drive Code into a corner. Kawaki is willing to do whatever it takes in order to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to Naruto’s life.

Kawaki’s battle style is so overwhelming that even Shikamaru is trembling in fear at his mighty powers. Code then realizes the difference in strength between him and Kawaki. As ‘Brothers’, Kawaki and Boruto have overcome various hardships together. However, even their relationship is beginning to have an unsettling and ominous shadow looming over them. Momoshiki had announced to Boruto some time ago that ‘Destiny will snatch everything away from you’ – Now, that time has come!”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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