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Cabinet of Curiosities Episode 1: What happened to Dottie?

Halloween is five days away, and Guillermo del Toro, the oscar-winning filmmaker, has come up with the perfect Halloween gift in the form of the TV series Cabinet of Curiosities. Here, we discuss what happened to Dottie at the end of Cabinet of Curiosities episode 1, titled Lot 36.

Cabinet of Curiosities has arrived on Netflix with its first two episodes on October 25, the third and fourth episode was released on October 26, and it will come up with two episodes per day until October 28.

What happened to Dottie at the end of Cabinet of Curiosities episode 1?

Roland talks to Nick about the previous owner of Lot 36, Mr. Wolmar, who was a rich man but had lost all his wealth in gambling. Roland also reveals that Mr. Wolmar was a crazy man who moved to occult circles and called a dark entity from Hell. He offered it a body to possess, and that was no other than Dottie, his own sister, who was shown as missing in some newspapers found. Dottie’s whereabouts are a mystery throughout the episode, but we finally learn what happened to her at the end.

Nick and Roland search for the fourth occult book

Cabinet of Curiosities episode 1 mainly revolved around a war veteran named Nick Appleton, portrayed by Tim Blake Nelson. He came back to the U.S, and to pay off his debts; he bought a storage unit. Nick desperately wants to sell the items of the unit, but one day, the owner of the unit, Amelia, shows up and requests him to return her belongings. However, the hot-headed Nick agrees to give her access only if she can pay him thousand dollars. Amelia does not have the amount, so Nick insults her by giving her the lock of the lot.

Later, Nick finds some items in the lot he takes to Agatha for selling purposes. The lady calls Roland, who opens a secret compartment of the seance table that Nick brought. They found three books that the Wolmer family previously owned. Roland asks Nick to bring him the fourth book, and he’ll be paid $300,000. Nick’s greed was bigger than anything, so he agreed and proceeded to the unit with Roland.

The duo meet their dark fate

Reaching there, two of them found a secret gateway for Lot 36. As they entered the secret tunnel, they saw Dottie’s rotten body lying in the mid of a circle, and her face had been taken by the demon as an entrance. At this point, it’s clear that a demon is using Dottie’s body from Hell as a gateway and a vessel.

Roland requests Nick not to do anything without hearing his words, but Nick, as usual, does what he wants. He steps into the circle to pick up the book, due to which the demon awakens. It swallows Roland in one go, and as Nick tries to escape, the demon follows. When Nick reaches the exit door, he screams for help, and seeing Amelia on the other side; he asks her to open the door. However, she does not help him and hangs the same lock on the door that Nick previously gave her. Finally, it was Nick’s greed that took his life.

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