Tatsuki Fujimoto is known for the small but crucial details that he leaves in his stories, and Chainsaw Man is one of them. The author carefully selected Makima’s name and it helps understand her relationship with Denji better.

When Chainsaw Man was released in October 2022, fans fell in love with the story of Denji and how he became the chainsaw devil. However, things quickly changed when the character of Makima was introduced into the series. Her confident but chaotic personality helped people understand that she could either make or break Denji. As of now, her character has managed to impress anime and manga fans but there is a key detail in her name that might change the way you see her.

Makima’s name hints at her relationship with Denji

Throughout the series, we see that Denji is yearning for love, especially a motherly figure who can help him understand the world around him. While he managed to find some relief in his relationship with Pochita, things quickly changed after he died. Luckily, he was rescued by Makima.

In an interview, Fujimoto had made it clear that Makima could never be Denji’s love interest because if you remove “ki” from her name you would get “mama.”

Her strong personality will help Denji become more confident about himself, but a romantic relationship between the two will never be possible because the character was always supposed to be a motherly figure to him.

Denji’s name is special too

One could say that author Fujimoto has put a lot of thought into the names he has assigned to his characters. Just like Makima, Denji’s name too has a special meaning.

In the same interview, Fujimoto confessed that ???, the Japanese spelling for Denji, was a mix of ‘angel’ and ‘battery.’

With Denji being a Chainsaw Man and the chosen one to fight the devils, he thought the fusion of the two words would be apt to describe him.

What chapter of manga does the anime end on?

The first season of the anime covers the content until chapter 38 of the manga. Those who wish to continue with Denji’s story can start reading from Chapter 39.

If you want to rewatch the first season, you can do so on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

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