The PlayStation Days of Play sale is one of the platform’s best opportunities for bargain hunters looking to snag some hefty discounts.

The event takes place every year and contains some huge price drops on a range of the console’s biggest titles.

However, while there are plenty of big-budget games for players to save on and sink their teeth into, there are also some hidden gems tucked away in the listings.

To help you find those, we’ve listed five of the best hidden gems in the PlayStation Days of Play sale that you should consider checking out.

Ghostwire: Tokyo | Official Accolades Trailer

Ghostwire: Tokyo | Official Accolades Trailer

5. Donut County – Was £9.99, Now £2.99

It’s been a hot minute since the last Katamari game hit our consoles, with Katamari Damacy REROLL, a remake, the last entry into the series.

For those who love the chaotic action that sees you absorb things to grow, Donut County is the next best thing.

A short, fantastic indie title, Donut County sees you control a hole in the ground, moving around, dropping objects in to grow. The simple gameplay and compelling, quirky story is the perfect way to scratch that Katamari itch.

4. Tiny Metal – Was £11.49, Now £5.74

Another series that has laid long dormant until recently was Advance Wars. Although the, now delayed, remake is on the horizon for the Nintendo Switch, Tiny Metal is a near-perfect substitute.

3. Ghostwire Tokyo – Was £59.99, Now £29.99

Okay, so this one isn’t so much a hidden gem but a game that was criminally overlooked. The game was released at a busy time in the industry, just a month or so after Elden Ring, Horizon: Forbidden West, Dying Light 2, Destiny: The Witch Queen and more.

This meant, that when Ghostwire Tokyo was released, gamers had a lot on their plates. Now things have slowed down, however, the Days of Play sale could be the perfect time to pick up this stylish action-adventure title.

2. Outer Wilds – Was £18.99, Now £11.39

Outer Wilds is another action-adventure titled, published by indie darlings Annapurna.

I won a plethora of Game of the Year awards when it was released back in 2019 and is full of mystery. It’s one of those where the less you know, the more intriguing your experience will be.

1. OlliOlli World – Was £24.99, Now £19.99

OlliOlli World is the most recent game on this list, releasing earlier this year during “the busy period”. It picked up tons of acclaim from both critics and players alike, and although not the biggest discount in the Days of Play sale, is a mandatory pickup.

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