The Dragon Ball series is one of the longest-running, highest-grossing anime in the world.

The series has now transcended TV and has become a massive multi-media franchise, recognisable all over the world, with multiple games, movies, merchandise and more.

The latest of these movies, Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO, was released on August 19 and ahead of that, we got to chat with some of the movie’s biggest stars who shared plenty of juicy information.

You’ll be able to read our full interview over on HITC but we had to break out part of our conversation with Aleks Le (Gamma 1) & Zeno Robinson (Gamma 2) as they discussed which of their Androids would win in a fight.

Who are Gamma 1 and Gamma 2

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are new characters to the Dragon Ball franchise, debuting in SUPER HERO.

The pair are Androids that were created by Dr. Hedo to become part of the Red Ribbon Army. They are designed to be the “Ultimate Androids” and are shaped in the mould of stereotypical superheroes.

Gamma 1 floating holding a gun with a shark face
Image Credit: Crunchyroll Dub YouTube Channel

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 Voice Actors Share Who Would Win in a Fight

When I put the question to Aleks Le and Zeno Robinson, the pair were in agreement.

Aleks states, that although it might seem biased, “if the two characters were to have a sparring match, Gamma 1 would potentially have the advantage towards Gamma 2.”

He states that “Although Gamma 2 is very powerful, he is also a lot less careful with his moves and his situational awareness.”

Le feels that “All Gamma 1 would need to do is stay patient and wait for Gamma 2 to slip up.”

Zeno goes on to add that he’s “kinda in the same area” adding that “Gamma 1 has probably studied Gamma 2 already, just to be prepared in case this ever happened.”

Robinson thinks that the only way Gamma 2 would stand a chance is if “he went reckless but even then, Gamma 1 would have already taken him out by that point.”

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