The One Piece manga has now surpassed 500 million sold copies, outselling every single famous book series from literary history, bar one.

Trying to explain the popularity and success of manga series to non-manga readers is one of the toughest things that a fan can deal with…but money talks.

In fact, comic and manga series that would once be classed as ‘niche’ parts of nerd culture are now surpassing icons of modern media, including Game of Thrones, Star Wars and The Hunger Games – and it’s not even close.

As One Piece surpasses half a billion copies worldwide; here are 30 famous series that the manga has now beaten out in terms of issues sold since its serialisation 25 years ago.

One Piece manga series passes 500 million copies sold

This week, it was officially confirmed that the One Piece manga series had finally surpassed a landmark figure: more than 500 million copies having been sold worldwide since its debut back in 1997.

One Piece is currently the 35th highest-grossing franchise of all time, having made more than $14.5 billion from avid fans around the world through merchandise, video games, home entertainment and of course, manga sales.

One Piece has actually been the highest-selling comic (manga) series for some time, with the top 10 currently being the following:

  1. One Piece (1997-present): 500 million copies
  2. Asterix (1959-present): 370 million copies
  3. Dragon Ball (1984-1995): 300 million copies
  4. Peanuts (1950-2000): 300 million copies
  5. Golgo 13 (1968-present): 300 million copies
  6. Lucky Luke (1946-present): 300 million copies
  7. Dragon & Tiger Heroes (1969-present) 280 million copies
  8. Naruto (1999-2014): 250 million copies
  9. Detective Conan (1994-present): 250 million copies
  10. Doraemon (1969-96): 250 million copies

Now that we know just how incredible the success of the One Piece series has been in the printed world, where does it sit in the all-time book series rankings?

30 book series that the One Piece manga is outselling

The only book series that has sold more copies than One Piece is the Harry Potter story from J.K. Rowling (1997-present), which had reportedly sold more than 500 million copies by 2013.

As of August 2022, the One Piece manga series has sold more copies than the following world-famous book series, according to ongoing list rankings.

  1. Goosebumps (1992-present): 350 million copies
  2. Perry Mason (1933-73): 300 million copies
  3. Berenstain Bears (1962-present): 260 million copies
  4. Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-98): 250 million copies
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2007-present): 250 million copies
  6. Sweet Valley High (1983-2003): 250 million copies
  7. The Railway Series (1945-2011): 201 million copies
  8. Noddy (1949-present): 200 million copies
  9. Nancy Drew (1930-present): 200 million copies
  10. Percy Jackson & the Olympians (2005-9): 180 million copies
  11. Twilight (2005-20): 160 million copies
  12. Star Wars (1977-present): 160 million copies
  13. Peter Rabbit (1902-30): 150 million copies
  14. Fifty Shades (2011-15): 150 million copies
  15. Clifford the Big Red Dog (1963-2014): 129 million copies
  16. The Chronicles of Narnia (1950-56): 120 million copies
  17. Mr. Men (1971-present): 120 million copies
  18. The Hunger Games (2008-10): 100 million copies
  19. James Bond (1954-2014): 100 million copies
  20. A Song of Ice and Fire [Game of Thrones] (1996-present): 90 million copies
  21. The Wheel of Time (1990-2013): 90 million copies
  22. Captain Underpants (1997-2015): 80 million copies
  23. Fear Street (1989-2001): 80 million copies
  24. Winnie-the-Pooh (1926-28): 75 million copies
  25. A Series of Unfortunate Events (1999-2006): 65 million copies
  26. Jack Reacher (1997-present): 60 million copies
  27. The Magic School Bus (1986-2010): 58 million copies
  28. The Hardy Boys (1927-present): 50 million copies
  29. Tarzan (1914-1995): 50 million copies
  30. Paddington Bear (1958-present): 35 million copies

Readers should note that all figures are subject to change as the publication of all described series continues, as of August 2022, and that the ongoing rankings each have their own citing source, available on the original web page.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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