Demon Slayer‘s anime adaptation has shown us one of the most challenging fights in the latest episode of the third season. Tanjiro is undoubtedly a potent warrior, but as fans haven’t witnessed him kill an Upper Moon before, seeing the events of the new episode, fans wonder, is he the one who killed the Upper Moon 4?

Since the third episode of the latest season of Demon Slayer, we have seen the powerful clones of Hantengu overpowering the demon slayers. However, the tables have now turned, marking the end of the deadly monsters. And in this article, we discuss did Tanjiro kill the Upper rank Four in the series.

Does Tanjiro kill Upper Moon Four in Demon Slayer?

No, the Upper Moon Four didn’t get killed by Tanjiro in the anime just yet. Even though, Tanjiro decapitated three personalities of Hantengu (Genya took care of the fourth personality), two more clones are yet to appear in the further episodes.

Tanjiro was not alone in this battle; he was accompanied by Genya, who used his full potential to fight the clones of Hantengu.

Hantengu’s clone leaves no stone unturned to defeat the demon slayers. Gyokko also summoned the colossal fish monsters and released them on the villagers. It seems the plan was to split the demon slayers. Well, they succeed in that, as the Mist and Love Hashira have to protect the swordsmiths while Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya have to fight the Upper Moon Four.

The battle with Hantengu’s clones was not an easy deal, but when Tanjiro realized that every ally he had been with, throughout his journey wanted him to kill the demons, he decided he would not let them down. That’s when we witnessed Nezuko performing her demon art on Tanjiro’s sword. The black blade changed into a bright red sword with flames, using which he pierced Karaku, Sekido, and Urogi in one go. Genya killed Hantengu’s fourth clone Aizetsu. However, the fight against the Upper-Rank Four is far from over.

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