Over the years, Friends saw a number of top celebrity cameos from the likes of Bruce Willis to Ben Stiller. However, the show couldn’t find room for a major ’90s pop star despite his request to star in an episode.

The sitcom, which aired between 1994 and 2004, included a number of guest appearances from some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. While the leading stars of the show went on to become staple names in the industry, the show had a number of cameos from A-lister actors. The show’s creator revealed that a big pop star, who rose to fame in the ’90s, requested to be in an episode.

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Friends couldn’t find room for Justin Timberlake despite his request

It turns out that Justin Timberlake was such a huge fan of Friends, that he wanted to have a cameo on the show. Friends creator Martha Kaufmann revealed that they received a request for the Cry Me a River singer to appear in an episode, however, the creators couldn’t think how JT could fit in the show.

“We got a call that Justin Timberlake wanted to do the show,” Kauffman recalled. Friends writer David Crane said Timberlake was “lovely” when they met but they were never able to find a good role for him in the iconic show.

Kaufmann went on to say that her children were very angry that they didn’t agree to a cameo from the Friends with Benefits star. “My kids were furious,” she explained. “They wanted to kill me.”

Five memorable Friends cameos

While JT never achieved his dream to appear in Friends, there were a number of iconic appearances from Hollywood’s best and biggest stars.

Robin Williams

Fans of the late actor Robin Williams would agree that he has one of the most memorable appearances in the sitcom. In the season three episode, titled The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Williams and Billy Crystal were randomly chatting in Central Perk cafe when they met the show’s core characters.

Williams and Crystal were shooting a project near the Friends set when they decided to pay the cast a visit. The creators never intended for the iconic duo to have a role but they immediately came up with a quick part for the A-list comedians. Never miss a good opportunity, right?

Danny DeVito

Hollywood actor and comedian Danny DeVito had a memorable appearance in the final season of the sitcom. The Twins star appeared as a stripper in a season 10 episode The One Where The Stripper Cries.

Initially, Phoebe wasn’t happy with the stripper her friends hired for her bachelorette party but the character’s dance moves and sweet personality managed to win over Phoebe’s heart.

Reese Witherspoon

Friends had a number of female celebrity cameos from Julia Roberts to Christina Applegate. However, one of the fan-favorite appearances must be Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Green’s younger sister.

Jennifer and Reese are really good friends in real life and Reese appeared in two episodes of the NBC sitcom.

Ben Stiller

Remember Ben Stiller in Friends? The Zoolander actor appeared as Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) date Tommy in a season three episode. At first, Tommy seemed to be the perfect date for Rachel but soon he showed his true colors when he got aggressive with Ross.

George Clooney

Taking a proper down memory lane here as George Clooney had a short guest appearance at the beginning of the show. He played Dr. Mitchell and one of Rachel and Monica’s dates in a season one episode.

Who is your top celebrity cameo?

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