Do Vignette and Tourmaline get together in the Carnival Row season 2 finale, or does she get back with Philo in the end?

Carnival Row season 1 introduced fans to the star-crossed lovers from opposite ends of the Row; a Burgish soldier turned detective, and a Pix refugee turned revolutionary.

However, their love story took a notable backstep in season 2, with Tourmaline rekindling her earlier romance with Vignette following the dramatic fallout of Philo’s ‘betrayal’.

So, did Vignette get together with Tourmaline in the Carnival Row season 2 finale, or did she end up back together with Philo?

Do Tourmaline and Vignette survive the Sparas attack?

Yes, whilst it looked highly unlikely for several terrifying moments, both Tourmaline and Vignette were able to survive the Sparas attack thanks to the interventions of both Darius and Philo.

After Tourmaline emotionally sent Darius away from the shop to take on the Sparas by herself, it looked like she was destined to have her vision of being killed by the creature fulfilled; thankfully, the Marrok would return to fend off the beast in the nick of time.

However, after Darius was defeated, it again looked like the Sparas would kill Tourmaline once again before Vignette arrived to distract the monster, although she was easily thrown aside without much of a fight.

For a third time in the space of just a few seconds, it appeared that the Sparas was finally about to bring an end to the two Pix’s, only for Philo to arrive (also in the nick of time) to kill the creature.

Whilst Tourmaline ends the battle unscathed, Vignette has sustained a nasty facial injury from the Sparas throw; but all is well that ends well, and the two at least survive to see another sunrise.

Do Tourmaline and Vignette get together in the S2 finale?

After the Sparas is killed by Philo, we actually only see Vignette and Tourmaline one more time in Carnival Row season 2, as the timeskip takes us forward to when the Pix return to Tirnanoc.

Vignette and Tourmaline are standing on top of a beautiful cliffside and cutting off their braids, before wrapping each other’s slashed hair around their hands.

The two then slowly fly upwards towards the setting sun and finally kiss, bringing their relationship full circle from lovers to friends, and then from friends to lovers.

Whilst some fans may have preferred to see Philo and Vignette end up together since they were the main love interest from season 1, the fact that our female lead ends up with Tourmaline is undoubtedly a much better conclusion to each of their respective storylines.

It was always their dream to return to Tirnanoc and revive their war-torn colony, able to stretch their wings and fly to their hearts’ content; now that we have seen the two get together, our only wish is that we saw more of them as a duo throughout the earlier portions of the Carnival Row story.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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