Riichiro Inagaki has always believed in the small details when it comes to Dr. Stone, so it does not come as a surprise that he paid a special tribute to Video Girl Ai manga that only hardcore fans can notice.

Dr. Stone has managed to become one of the most popular anime of all time as fans have fallen in love with how the storyline explains important scientific innovations with ease. With the manga finally concluding in 2022, viewers can expect many more episodes from the series. As of now, three seasons of the anime have been released and if you were a fan of Video Girl Ai, you would have noticed the tribute the author gave to the show.

Dr. Stone pays tribute to Video Girl Ai

Released in 1989, Video Girl Ai manga was a fan-favorite of many. The manga managed to get an anime adaptation but could not last long. Nonetheless, it left a mark on many, including Inagaki who decided to pay tribute to the series in the form of Yuzuriha Ogawa’s headdress.

Speaking about this in an interview, Inagaki said: ” I wanted to pay homage to Video Girl Ai when I started Dr. Stone, Yuzuriha’s character has a headdress. The swirling pattern is a homage to Video Girl Ai.”

In the same conversation, Inagaki noted that he read his first Shonen Jump when he was 21 as his family was too poor to afford manga. Once he got the chance, he read many manga, but Video Girl Ai always stood out for him.

There is one character that manga artist loves to draw

Boichi, who is the manga illustrator for Dr. Stone, was also present during the interview. When asked what’s his favorite character to draw, he admitted that it was Kohaku.

He said: “I’d say I love all the characters equally and deeply. They are all my children; they are another character representing me. Well, you’d think… that’s not true. See, actually, when I draw Senku, I keep asking Senku, “Why don’t you go back to being petrified?” And when I draw Taiju, “Do you want to be stone again?” And the same with Gen, “I wish you went back to being a stone again!”

“His “The only character I truly love is Kohaku. She’s my favorite and I wish I could only draw Kohaku. I’m asking you, Dr. Stone fans, please buy only Kohaku figures.”

When is season 3 part 2 releasing?

Season 3 part 2 of Dr. Stone will be released on October 12 and fans can stream it on Crunchyroll. Viewers will be able to see the Treasure Island arc being covered in the upcoming episodes.

Up until now, Senku Ishigami and his team have innovated cameras, wireless headphones, crop rotation, as well as, radio-controlled drones. The upcoming episodes are set to have many more great inventions.

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