A new Escape From Tarkov patch is out today, bringing with it the expanded Lighthouse map, and a huge server reset.

Every six months or so, developers Battlestate Games releases a major patch that wipes progress and adds content.

And today has seen that event go live, with fans now having to start from the beginning as they look to dominate the battlefield once again.

Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer

Escape from Tarkov – Action Gameplay Trailer

Escape From Tarkov

As confirmed by Battlestate today, the new Escape From Tarkov patch is now live and can now be downloaded from official servers. The biggest and most notable change will be the reset of gear gamers have to use in-game, with the latest wipe now in full effect. This means you will be starting again and looking to build up the best gear possible.

Other changes have also been made across the game, with Battlestate confirming these in the official Escape From Tarkov patch notes listed below:

EFT Patch Notes

New additions:

Bosses maintain contact with each other and with the other Rogues, however they don’t stick together and instead keep their positioning distances. When an enemy is detected by any of the bosses or Rogues, information on enemy location is transmitted to everyone by radio, and the bosses prepare for battle, taking up tactical positions for engagement.

Bosses help each other, use all available weapons, and are hostile to everyone: players of any faction, Scavs, and Raiders. They don’t communicate with the rest of the bosses and Fence, so they attack any enemy immediately. Killing them does not affect the player’s reputation.

The bosses’ habitats are Lighthouse, Shoreline, Woods, and Customs. They do not stay in one place and instead wander through these locations all the time. If the bosses have moved to one of the maps, they will be absent on the others. There is no timetable for their movement and no one knows what the bosses are guided by when changing their location.

Escape From Tarkov Patch Graphical improvements:

The FSR option is only available for Full HD resolutions (1920×1080) and higher. The Performance mode is only available for 4K Ultra HD resolutions (3840×2160) and higher.


Escape From Tarkov Patch List of fixes:

Escape From Tarkov Patch Other changes:

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