Fallout 76 is bringing back the Mothman Equinox, with the returning event scheduled to land before the end of the month.

That means new legendary weapons will be up for grabs for those who can find and take down the cultists turning up in Appalachia.

For those who are new to the game, a group of robed travellers will be taking up residence at Point Pleasant to celebrate a dubious occasion known as the Mothman Equinox. Calling themselves “The Enlightened,” this sect of the Wise Mothman’s most devoted followers plan to summon the cryptid through an elaborate ritual. This will mean aiding their dark endeavours and fending off rival cultists so that you can earn the Wise Mothman’s best stuff.

Fallout 76 | Night of the Moth Launch Trailer

Fallout 76 | Night of the Moth Launch Trailer

Fallout 76 Mothman Event Start Date

Bethesda has confirmed that the Mothman event will be returning to Fallout 76 on June 28, 2022, across PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. The event will start at 5pm BST, or 12pm EDT if you live in North America, running until the same time on July 12. The Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event will take place every hour at the top of the hour at Point Pleasant in the Forest region of Appalachia.

Bethesda has revealed that during the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event, you’ll also encounter Cultist High Priests during your adventures throughout Appalachia. Those who want to unlock the best rewards will want to hunt down and dispatch them for more chances to earn Mothman Cult themed rewards.

The event will run as follows, starting next week:

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