Attack on Titan is undoubtedly one of the biggest anime in the world, however, sadly for fans, it’s coming to a close.

After two gripping chapters already, the Final Season is set to come to a close early next year and it’s going to be epic.

As has been the case throughout the series, it’s expected there will be a lot of bloodshed. So, ahead of the finale, we take a look at five characters who could meet their maker.

It should be noted that I’ve not read the manga and have managed to keep clear of spoilers, so you can read this safely knowing that it’s spoiler-free, only relies on what we’ve seen in the anime so far and is just my opinion.


Let’s start with the obvious. When we left him, Eren was crossing the sea towards Marley in his monstrous Founding Titan form.

Set on destruction, Eren is out for the genocide of the human race across the water and realistically, there’s only one way it can be stopped, with his death.

If the series is to end with the “good guys” winning, Eren is going to need to meet his demise. One way or another, though, this will come after he wreaks havoc on Marley.

Eren in attack titan form
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Floch’s rise to prominance came very quickly in Attack on Titan, as he survived the Scout’s suicide mission against the Beast Titan, before becoming the leader of the Jaegerists.

He went from plucky trainee, to one of the series’ big antagonists over the course of a season or so.

While he’s now a semi-vital character in the show, he’s one that seemingly wouldn’t have much of a future in a post-Eren world, so giving him a big death scene seems like a likely option.

floch using odm looking scared
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Across the first part of Attack on Titan’s Final Season, Reiner seemed to have all but given up.

He seemed resigned to death and happy to accept his fate, however, as the season went on, the Armored Titan found a renewed sense of purpose, reigniting his long-standing feud with Eren.

It’s likely that these two’s battle will come to a head in the final stages of the anime and it’d be no surprise to see one, if not both of them die. The question is, will Reiner be able to pass his powers on in time?

Reiner looking concerned
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Hange is the best character in Attack on Titan. Her development over the four seasons saw her go from slightly-unhinged Titan lover, to a badass leader of the Scout Regiment.

Despite the occasional moment, Hange has remained one of the truly “good” characters throughout the series and killing her off in the finale would be a shocking moment, bound to pull on the heartstrings of viewers.

hange brushing her hair out of her eyes
Image Credit: Crunchyroll Collection YouTube Channel/Mappa


Like Hange, Levi is another fan favourite who has been through the wringer, most recently getting blown up by Zeke and barely surviving.

He’s never fully trusted Eren, and his latest (and final) mission has proved Levi’s suspicions correct.

Like Reiner, there’s bound to be a final grudge match between the two characters and it will be interesting to see if Levi comes out on top.

Levi with blood on his face
Image Credit: Crunchyroll Collection YouTube Channel/Mappa

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