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Who is the Future Devil in Chainsaw Man?


Warning: Spoilers from Chainsaw Man Episode 10 and manga ahead

Chainsaw Man episode 10 was pretty intriguing as it showed Power and Denji getting killed several times by their new teacher, whom Makima insisted on training the two members from her special division. However, their immortality brings them back to life over and over.

Moreover, Aki is shattered after Himeno’s death, so he is approached by two devil hunters who Makima sent to help him and his team. As the fox devil breaks the contract with Aki, he looks for a new devil with whom he can make a contract.

At the end of the new episode of Chainsaw Man, we see the devil hunters taking Aki to a cell where the Public Safety department has kept the future devil after capturing him. Well, we did not get a chance to see the devil in the anime series yet, but fans couldn’t resist scrolling the internet to learn more about the new entry.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

The future devil from Chainsaw Man explained

The future devil is a terrifying devil that can see other people’s future by inserting their heads into the space on his chest. He appears like a tree with three eyes on his forehead and one giant eye in the space on his chest.

Like the other devils, he also makes contracts with humans, but the cost of his contracts is not that cheap. For instance, he has made a contract with two public safety officers, out of which one has to sacrifice 50% of his lifespan to use the devil’s powers, and the other has to lose both eyes with the sense of taste and smell.

In the manga, it’s disclosed that when the future devil sees Aki’s horrifying future, he starts laughing. After that, he proposes to Aki that he is ready to help him defeat the devils only if he allows him to live in his one eye. The devil also says that he wants to see Aki’s dark future when he will die terrifyingly.

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