Stranger Things has been supplying some very dangerous, sci-fi, and fantasy mixed villains right from the beginning. From Demo Dogs to Mind Flayer, the fandom of the series has been debating who are the most powerful villains of Stranger Things and if the final season can see any of its comebacks!

While the final season of Stranger Things on Netflix could be delayed until 2025, speculations about which characters may come back are buzzing on the internet. Fans believe Mindflayer could return in the final season alongside Vecna for the penultimate battle but who else could make the list?

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Most dangerous villains of Stranger Things ranked

The wait to see the final showdown of Stranger Things will likely be long but fans have a lot of ‘homework’ left before season 5 arrives. Along with a rewatch of some of the phenomenal seasons, here’s a refresher course on Stranger Things villains and who are the most powerful ones!


The transformation of Demodogs in Stranger Things season 2 took fans by surprise as it went from an adorable-looking creature that Dustin wants to pet to a scary-looking monster that would later claim the life of Bob! The body structure of Demodogs is similar to dogs but they can easily transform into scary-looking human flesh-eating Demogorgon-looking monsters.


Demobats may look smaller than other Stranger Things villains but they ended up killing one of the most loved characters of Stranger Things season 4, Eddie Munson. What makes these evil-looking little monsters so powerful is Vecna’s influence. Demobats work as a hive mind and wait for Vecna’s instructions to attack anyone who may dare to enter the Upside Down!


Demogorgon appeared as the first major villain of Stranger Things in season 1. The mighty-looking monsters in humanoid bodies haunted Hawkins and took on multiple lives including Nancy’s friend Barbara. What makes Demogorgons really dangerous is the fact that Stranger Things have shown how the creatures with petal-like mouths with rows upon rows of sharp teeth are actually maturing and becoming more agile.

In season 4, the Demogorgons end up slaughtering a bunch of prisoners in Russia as Hopper realizes that the monsters have become upgraded their lethality by learning how to climb things and also rip things apart!

The Mind Flayer

The Mind Flayer almost possessed Hawkins and it is definitely one of the scariest villains of the series as it can mind control Demodogs, Demogorgons, and even humans! The Mindflayer with its Octopus looking arms can make humans into goops and attach them to its own body to create bigger tentacles.

Fans are also speculating that the Mind Flayer may return in season 5 alongside Vecna and even the writers of Stranger Things have been hinting that the upcoming season will be connected to the past seasons and especially a rewatch of season 2 is highly recommended!

So, it is possible that Vecna can bring back the Mind Flayer to help him reclaim Hawkins as his own.


Vecna is hands down the most terrifying monster of Stranger Things. His abilities include telekinesis and illusionism. He could sense someone’s weaknesses and memories and access them to hypnotize the person. But even Vecna has a weakness that could be crucial to kill him as he goes to a trans-state to claim his victim and that became the turning point of Stranger Things season 4.

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