While Stranger Things season 5 is still almost a year away from its release, fans haven’t stopped sharing theories about the character’s fates. One such wild theory suggests Eddie Munson could return as a villain in the next season.

Stranger Things season 4 was everything fans had wished for. The season was packed with action, comedy, thrill, some romance, and also pure horror. It helped many fans get a better grasp of the Stranger Things universe and how it came to be that way. The show also introduced one of the story’s key villains Vecna who was the season’s final boss. However, one of the wildest fan theories after the season’s end claims that Millie Bobbie Brown’s lead Eleven could join Vecna in season 5.

Stranger Things theory says Eddie could return as a villain in season 5

The Netflix show’s deep connection with Dungeons and Dragons is no secret. Its horrifying villains like Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, and Vecna are all named after and inspired by Dungeons and Dragons characters.

A popular Reddit theory suggests that the late Eddie Munson could return as Vecna’s right-hand man in season 5. This means he will not be the Eddie we all came to love but instead would be a villain. Several theorists think Eddie could come back as Kas, a popular character from the Dungeons and Dragons lore. Kas is Vecna’s ally who eventually betrays him. Nearly every D&D lore features Kas as Vecna’s right-hand man who eventually led to Vecna’s downfall.

Kas was a vampire lord and is often seen around bats. Fans justify their theory that Eddie could be Kas by stating that he was killed by Vecna’s swarm of demo bats. In his final moments, Eddie also plays a concert during his last moments and he sings Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Many fans think this is a foreshadowing of how Eddie will rise under Vecna’s control. However, another popular theory suggests that Eleven could be Kas.

Eleven could be the Kas to Stranger Things’ Vecna

YouTuber The Film Theorist notes that Eleven is more likely the Kas to Stranger Things’ Vecna. The creator notes how it was Vecna aka One aka Henry Creel is the one who encouraged Eleven to embrace her powers when they were both at the Hawkins facility.

In the D&D version of this, it is Vecna that gives Kas his sword. One even offers Eleven the opportunity to join him in taking over the world. Just like Kas betrays Vecna, Eleven betrays One. She attacks him with her power, ripping open the first portal upside down in the process.

What did Kas end up doing to Vecna in Dungeons and Dragons?

As per Grey Hawk Fandom, Kas betrays Vecna after years of service. It is believed that it was his sword, the same one that Vecna gave him that convinced him to kill his master in an attempt to usurp his power.

Their battle does not kill Vecna but lends a damaging blow. It destroys Vecna’s Rotting Tower and costs him his left hand and eye. After his betrayal, Kas is swept into Ravenloft where he becomes the Dark Lord.

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