Arya Stark has had one of the most adventurous journeys on Game of Thrones. But all that she did was possible because a forgotten character – Yoren who helped her to safety during her father Eddard Stark’s beheading.

Every Game of Thrones fan is still pained by Eddard Stark aka Ned’s shock beheading in season 1. Except those who read the A Song of Ice and Fire, its safe to say that none of us saw it coming. Sansa was forced to stand there and watch her father’s head be chopped off upon wicked Joffrey’s orders. However, her sister Arya found someone who shielded her from the horror of witnessing her father being killed.

Who is Yoren in Game of Thrones?

Yoren is brother of the Night’s Watch, and he also works as a recruiter for them. He joins the watch after murdering his brother’s killer named Willem.

He crosses paths with Jon, Tyrion, and Benjen Stark when they are first travelling to the wall. 

Yoren also becomes good friends with Tyrion during their time at Castle Black. Yoren also wins Robb Stark’s trust when he arrives at Winterfell. It is when Yoren arrives at the Red Keep that he meets Ned and Arya. He manages to earn Ned’s trust too.

Yoren saved Arya Stark during Ned’s beheading

When Ned is arrested for treason in the HBO show’s season 1 he is brought to the Great Sept of Baelor for his trial. While Sansa stands on the podium next to Joffrey and Cersei, a tiny and confused Arya watches whats going down from atop the town square. She has climbed up onto the pedestal of Baelor’s statue.

As Ned is brought outside the Great Sept he spots Arya. As he is pushed through the crowd, he passes by Yoren. In their brief glances, Ned sends a message to Yoren by doing a head jerk and mouthing ‘Baelor.’ He hopes Yoren will get Arya off the Baelor statue and protect her.

As Joffrey announces Ned’s execution, Arya makes an attempt to rush to her father. Yoren comes to her and holds her in his arms, thus stopping her frantic efforts. Her covers her ears and stops her from witnessing the beheading by holding her tight. After the shock beheading, Yoren pulls Arya out of the crowd, chops off her hair and asks her to pose as a boy. He plans to take Arya back to Winterfell to her brother Robb by hiding her in a group of a recruit for the Nights Watch.

Its Yoren who teaches Arya the method of reciting her enemy’s name before going to bed every night. He recalls doing it when his brother was killed. He recited his brother’s killer’s name every night before going to bed until the day Yoren killed him with an axe.

How does Yoren die?

Yoren was killed by the Lannister troops during one of his trips back to Winterfell. The Lannister men along with Ser Amory Lorch are looking for Robert Baratheon’s bastard Gendry.

Yoren and his troop is ordered to drop their weapons but he refuses. He fights till his last breath and makes sure Arya and Gendry get out safe. After being overwhelmed by the Lannister soldiers, Yoren is killed by Lorch who drives his sword through the back of his neck.

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