A fantasy fan may just have given some rich investor an amazing business by showing what a Game of Thrones themed resort would look like using by AI.

What more could Game of Thrones want from life, than a chance to stay at a Game of Thrones themed resort. It does not get any better than this! Fans have loved and even hated the HBO show for years now. However, our love for the show makes us often overlook the pure night mare the last season was. House of the Dragon did make it up for disappointed GOT fans to some extent. However a fellow fan’s recent reddit post has just made us realize that a GOT themed resort would be the perfect balm on our wounds from season 8.

AI created Game of Thrones themed resort is simply breathtaking

A Reddit user pulled at the hearts of all Game of Thrones fans after posting the results they got when they asked AI to create a GOT inspired resort. The result is simply marvellous. The fan u/TheTargaryensLawyer is the one to thank for this idea. They posted the stunning pictures on Reddit’s r/GameofThrones.

The stunning collection of pictures that AI presented are simply mind blowing. It shows us what the lobby of the resort would look like. It resembles the Throne Room in the Great Hall. Then we get a peek of the stunning Hallways. Third comes The Dragon’s Lair Suite which is all things dragons and Targaryens. The room naturally has a red theme and has dragons sculpted on the walls as well as what looks as dragon chandelier. The suite’s bathroom has a bathtub that looks like a half of a hatched dragon egg.

There’s also the Lannister’s Legacy Suite where you can house your traitorous friends. (No offense to the Lannister fans) The room has lion’s head all on the walls. Its bathroom might be the best place for you and your friends to drink red wine and hatch evil plans to destroy your foes.

The comes the Stark’s Winter Suite which is nothing less than heaven on earth. While the bed sheet is made of wool, the bed’s head rest is inspired by designs of Weirwood trees. There’s also a stunning fire place. The bathroom made of cobblestone walls will surely make you feel like you are living in the wilderness.

The fictional resort also has a room for the Wildlings

Like the feast hall where the Jon and Daenerys and his army feasted and partied after defeating the white walkers, there’s a Great Feast Hall in the AI depiction. In all honesty, this reminds you a bit of Harry Potter’s Great Hall where they all dined together.

The wine cellar of Highgarden and the Iron Islands pub will transport to a medieval times. The Dragon’s pit lounge for you to hangout and feel like a true Targaryen. What’s better, there’s also a Wildlings escape room for when the noise gets too much and you need some peace and quiet.

Fans react to GOT themed fictional resort

“Take all my money” the fan who made the Reddit post said.

“I don’t even have any money but they could have the little bit I do have,” a second person adorably said.

“Omg do not give George any more things to be distracted by!,” a third fan hilariously wrote.

“Worst resort ever. I walked inside and immediately got stabbed by a child in a black and white robe. The dragons were cool tho,” a fourth fan funnily said, making a GOT reference.

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