Friends creator Marta Kauffman has been asked about potential revival series for years but the creator once revealed that she doesn’t want a reboot for one key reason.

The beloved NBC sitcom wrapped up production almost 20 years ago but that hasn’t stopped fans of dreaming about potential revival series. HBO Max gave the green light for Friends: The Reunion in 2021 where cast members reunited and discussed the best moments from filming the show. The show’s creator, Marta Kaufmann, once revealed why a proper revival wouldn’t be a good idea.

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Marta Kauffman revealed why Friends reboot won’t happen

It’s safe to say that the show’s creators Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and Kevin Bright have no plans for a revival show despite endless requests from fans. And there haven’t been any promising updates since Kauffman and Crane discussed the idea in 2019.

“We will not be doing a reboot,” Kauffman said in 2019 (via Vanity Fair). “The reason is this is a show about that time in your life where your friends are your family. Once you start having a family, that changes.”

The show’s creator made the revelation during a Friends 25th Anniversary Panel in New York and added that there was one more reason why a reboot wasn’t a good idea.

“The other reason is, it’s not going to beat what we did,” she added.

In the same panel discussion, Crane agreed on the same points and chimed in: “We really feel like we did the show that we really wanted to do. We got it right and we put the bow on it. As Marta says, if you visited those characters now, it would just have a different DNA. It would just not be the same show. Chances are it wouldn’t be as good as a show.”

Fans would give everything for a reboot

The sitcom went on to have 10 seasons and become one of the most favorite comedy series of all time. With the series being available on streaming platforms, the fan base of the show keeps growing and many would love to watch a reboot.

One fan on Twitter shared a direct response to Kaufmann and wrote: “Please reboot Friends at least one episode or season please I know you [Kaufmann] have other stuff but please.”

Someone else was clearly frustrated about the update in 2019 and tweeted at the time: “Sure, let’s drum up yet another goes-nowhere Friends reboot media frenzy as if we don’t already do that every six months anyway without learning it’s not ever ever ever ever happening, and as if Marta Kaufman didn’t explicitly say in like MARCH that we should forget about it.”

Another fan pointed out that Kaufmann had a great point because she wrote the series as a nod to friends who become close family. The show’s main concept came to an end when Monica and Chandler moved out of the iconic New York City flat to start their own family in a bigger house.

Friends released a reunion episode in 2021

While there are no promises for a revival series, the show blessed fans with a reunion episode that saw the return of the leading cast members.

The filming of the reunion was delayed twice due to the pandemic but it finally arrived on HBO Max in 2021. The reunion also included cameos from Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

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