Many sitcoms thrive on their assortment of very varied but fascinating side characters, and animated examples of the genre are no exception. In the case of Futurama, there are certain characters that show up only rarely, but when they do you know you’re in for a hilarious moment or two.

Since its premiere in 1999, Futurama has delivered so many terrific lines of dialogue beyond the limits of its central characters Fry, Leela, and Bender. Many would argue that their favorite characters are more on the sidelines, for example, Zoidberg or Amy. One better, there are some that show up as little as once every season, or even less, that truly possess the heart of some fans of Matt Groening’s sci-fi series.

(L to R) Lauren Tom as Amy Wong, Phil LaMarr as Hermes, John DiMaggio as Bender, Billy West as Zoidberg, Katey Sagal as Leela all standing in an open doorway in Futurama
Futurama | Official Trailer | New Season July 24 | cr. Hulu YouTube

Across the show’s two original runs up until season 10 in 2013, there were lots of oddballs to show up all too briefly and make an impression, and fortunately, the Hulu and Disney+ revival with season 11 has been sure to showcase some of Futurama’s little guys, so to speak.

With new installments satirizing everything from Bitcoin to COVID-19, it’s been a wild season so far complete with cameo appearances from the likes of Roberto, Hyper Chicken, Calculon, and more.

Episode 5, Related to Items You’ve Viewed, was particularly rich in robot cameos while delivering an episode about the powers of the Mom-controlled corporation Momazon, with the writers delivering an Amazon satire.

Two unmissable highlights of the episode stem from robot cameos, the first being from Tinny Tim, the robot orphan on crutches who first debuted in the season 2 episode Xmas Story. The recurring gag is that he has what must be the worst luck in the world, and in subsequent episodes, we’ve seen him in a number of unfortunate situations.

At the beginning of season 11 episode 5, Fry is sweeping up the apartment, sending the dust into a hole in the floor that leads down to a junk-strewn space that Tinny Tim is squatting in. “Just like the lovely black snow of old London,” he remarks, admiring the falling dust. Bender then throws a glass beer bottle down the hole that hits him on the head.

It’s sure to get the biggest laughs of the episode, and that’s saying something—it might be the funniest installment of the revival yet.

And if seeing the robot-orphan back wasn’t enough, then seeing Hedonismbot back is sure to swing it.

He first appeared in the season 4 episode Crimes Of The Hot and whenever the decadent
ancient Roman robot shows up it’s always iconic. That makes it all the more funny that he’s positioned on the boxing and packing line in the Momazon warehouse with Bender as his colleague.

“Hey, Hedonismbot,” Bender calls over to him in his work apron, “wanna split a fifth of toilet cleaner?”

“Debauchery, sir, in the middle of a shift?” Hedonismbot asks. “Heaven forfend!” Because fans know that the character lives for debauchery he was the perfect cameo selection to hammer home how much the robot workers have been brainwashed and shaped by Momazon.

Again, it’s another hilarious moment in an episode of many, and seeing both robots back is nostalgia done right. We can’t wait to see who else turns up! There are plenty of episodes still to come.

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