The future is bright, and fortunately, audiences don’t have to wait patiently to see it thanks to the return of Matt Groening’s iconic animated sci-fi sitcom.

When Futurama was canceled for the second time and wrapped things up with the episode Meanwhile in 2013, some felt that it was officially the end. However, others never gave up hope for a revival that recently arrived courtesy of Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK.

(L to R) Lauren Tom as Amy Wong, Phil LaMarr as Hermes, John DiMaggio as Bender, Billy West as Zoidberg, Katey Sagal as Leela all standing in an open doorway in Futurama
Futurama | Official Trailer | New Season July 24 | cr. Hulu YouTube

The first episode in a decade—The Impossible Stream—was an incredibly meta installment that poked fun at the show’s cancellation past. If the episode can be considered a reintroduction, then the greetings are out of the way for episode 2—Children of a Lesser Bog.

At the beginning of the episode, Amy attempts to book an appointment with Zoidberg. “There’s some old alert I set up 20 years ago,” she says when looking at the calendar, discovering that her babies with Kif are finally ready to go and meet on his home planet.

“I gave birth to a clutch of tadpoles with Amy by my side,” Kif explains to the Planet Express crew before showing them a video of the birth. The clip that we see is actually a scene from season 4 episode 1, Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch. “In twenty years they’ll sprout legs and crawl back onto land as children,” tells Amy.

Looking back on the classic season 4 episode storyline, it’s shockingly revealed that Kif is pregnant after merely having touched somebody’s hand; his race reproduces from mere touch and becomes fertile following strong feelings of love.

However, it’s noted that a number of people touched Kif’s hand, with a DNA test revealing that Leela is the mother. However, Amy is what’s called the “smizmar”, so Kif sees her as the real mother regardless. This explains the exchange between Amy and Leela in the latest episode: “You’re not their Mom,” Amy accuses, to which Leela replies “Actually, I sort of am.”

Back to season 4, in a turn of events, Amy begins to feel the pressure of looming motherhood and runs away from the pre-birth party being held in her and Kif’s honor. With Kif almost ready to give birth, the crew accompanies him to Amphibios 9 without his Smizmar. Amy arrives at the last minute although she’s still insistent she’s not ready.

We then witness the birth, which is the sequence we see in Children Of A Lesser Bog. The tadpoles enter the water, where Kif explains they’ll be reunited with them in two decades.

In the first episode of season 11, we learned that there has been a two-decade skip following the professor’s success to provide the opportunity for Fry and Leela to have another round at life. With a number of nostalgic character appearances again in episode 2, we can expect lots more familiar faces to drop by throughout the season, including more homage to old storylines that are sure to strike a chord.

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