Game of Thrones has inspired many fan discussions and theories ever since the show’s release in 2011. A recent Reddit discussion sees fans debating whether or not the North forgot about Daenerys Targaryen’s ‘sacrifice’ for them.

Daenerys Targaryen was without a doubt one of the most important players in Game of Thrones. British actor Emilia Clarke portrayed the character which catapulted her to global fame. Daenerys’ journey struck a chord in many fans’ hearts and she was HBO’s most-loved character at several points. However, in the last season, we see her struggling to fit in when she arrives at Winterfell. Both the Stark sisters and the people of Winterfell are cold towards her. The Northerners love the Starks and Jon Snow but are not very accepting of the dragon queen.

Daenerys Targaryen in the throne room
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Fan throws back to Danerys’ ‘sacrifice for the North’

Game of Thrones fans on Reddit were wound up in a rather interesting discussion recently. It all started after a fan posted their opinion of the r/GameofThrones subreddit. The user named u/Lousouwayla shared a collage of images of Daenerys in the North writing, “North remembers everything except Daenerys’ sacrifice for them.” They also mention further “I always get hate for saying this but it’s true.”

The first picture is from the scene where the mother of dragons rescues Jon and his crew from the Night King. Jon and his associates head north to capture a white walker to present it to Cersei Lannister to prove to her that the threat of the ‘dead’ taking over the world is real. But they are ambushed when a large hoard of walkers appears out of nowhere. They become stranded in the center of a glacier. The white walkers begin crossing the glacier and attacking Jon’s crew from all four directions. While Daenerys swoops in and ends up saving the men, the Night King manages to kill her dragon Viserion in the process. The picture shared by the Reddit user shows Daenerys watching her dragon go down in a bloody mess.

The second set of images of Daenerys is from the Battle of Winterfell. She is holding Ser Jorah in her arms as he dies. When a white walker attacks Daenerys, Jorah who is already badly wounded ends up pushing her back and the sword ends up piercing him. The fan expresses how Daenerys lost two beings she loved the most and who were the most loyal to her, in her attempt to save the North.

Game of Thrones fans debate the theory

While the original poster’s way of looking at Daenerys’ ‘sacrifice’ for North is an interesting approach, fans added their perspective to the mix too.

One fan shared how no one in the North seemed to be caring about Jorah. “I very doubt anyone knew or cared about Jorah,” they said.

Another user shared that they don’t think anyone forgot her sacrifice. But they also shared how one has to expect casualties when there’s a war. “Nobody forgot that, where did you get your information from? Also, you have to expect casualties when fighting an enemy as strong or even stronger than you,” the wrote.

However, a third fan had a rather interesting approach to this. They noted how Daenerys hadn’t really sacrificed anything for the North but was fighting in the North because it was an “end of the world scenario.” The fan noted how Daenerys’ army would have eventually defeated too if the Battle of Winterfell was lost and the Night King’s army proceeded down south.

“It’s not a land dispute, it’s an end-of-the-world scenario. Doing this was in Dany’s best interest as well. If you help me put out a fire in my house so it doesn’t spread to yours, I don’t owe you my house,” the wrote.

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