Genshin Impact Update 2.8 will arrive in less than 24 hours’ time and will launch the latest free expansion for gamers to explore.

The Summer Fantasia has already been unveiled by developers miHoYo and contains the chance to delve into realms you’ve never set foot in before and discover a different side of your longtime companions.

That’s according to the Genshin team, who have revealed when we can expect the big update to arrive this week.

Genshin Impact | Character Demo – “Shikanoin Heizou: Cyclone of Investigation”

Genshin Impact | Character Demo – “Shikanoin Heizou: Cyclone of Investigation”

Genshin Impact Begins The Summer Fantasia

Genshin Impact Update 2.8 begins on July 13 and will launch after several hours of server downtime. miHoYo will reveal exactly when game servers are back online and the new patch installed and played.

The Summer Fantasia has already been confirmed to include plenty of new content, as well as the latest characters to unlock. Fans will also be pleased to find that The Golden Apple Archipelago will be returning with a revamped look, but is only set to stick around for a limited time.

Travellers visiting the Golden Apple Archipelago will find each island has been transformed through different themes and puzzles. It has also been confirmed that there will be quests to complete connected to Xinyan, Fischl, Kazuha, and Mona.

A message from miHoYo adds: “Sailing is always the highlight of island recreations, and this summer, you can either speedrun with your Waverider in the specially designed course or set sail with friends online. For example, the Reminiscent Regimen is a co-op-specific event with three different game modes. The Convoy mode requires all participants to escort a large raft to its destination, while Raid requires players to pilot their own Waverider to board floating platforms and take out enemies.”

In terms of new characters, Shikanoin Heizou will also make his debut in the upcoming version. miHoYo is described as a young genius detective of the Tenryou Commission who is active on the frontline in the fight against criminal masterminds.

Heizou will be the game’s first melee catalyst user, with all of his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst featuring unarmed techniques just like his Normal Attack. His Elemental Skill will launch a Heartstopper Strike, and charging his Elemental Skill can grant him special “Declension” stacks.

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