Every Game of Thrones fan has their favorite episode from the show and the novelist behind the show George RR Martin recently revealed which one is his. What’s more interesting is that he wrote the screenplay of this episode himself.

George RR Martin is best known as the author of A Song of Ice and Fire book series which inspired one of the biggest and most pirated television shows ever – Game of Thrones. Not only did the 74-year-old write the book series behind the hit HBO show but he also penned a few of the show’s most thrilling episodes. In his latest blog post, the American novelist has shared his favorite episode of the show from the ones he wrote.

George R.R. Martin Signs Copies Of His New Book "A Dance With Dragons"
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George RR Martin reveals his favorite Game of Thrones episode

Martin scripted four episodes for the show namely The Pointy End, Blackwater, The Bear and the Maiden Fair, and The Lion and the Rose. He has revealed in his August 29 blog that his favorite out of the lot was Blackwater.

“Blackwater is my own favorite of those, although I thought The Lion and the Rose turned out very well too, and I have a soft spot for that one,” he wrote.

The episode was a part of the GOT’s second season’s ninth episode. It featured the show’s first battle sequence and set a gold standard for the upcoming battle sequences throughout the show.

What goes down in the Battle of Blackwater?

The episode aired on May 27, 2012, and is now11 years old. It was helmed by director Neil Marshall and features the battle between the Lannisters and Stannis Baratheon. Following King Robert Baratheon’s death, Joffrey takes over the throne giving the Lannisters a huge access to the throne too.

Robert’s brother Stannis who thinks he is the right heir to the throne now brings his army via sea to attack King’s Landing. It is Tyrion Lannister who fights off Stannis’ forces.

Tyrion who is astute with his strategy and planning blows up Stannis’ fleet with an enormous explosion.

Not only does the episode feature high adrenaline shots of the battle but also a rousing speech by Tyrion to King Landing army. What’s more he earns the Lannisters a victory despite having no prior battle experience. With Jamie Lannister not being around, Tyrion has not one to turn to and is responsible for protecting the capital all alone.

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