Hearthstone’s next expansion is called ‘Murder at Castle Nathria’ and will arrive across all platforms later in 2022.

The release date has been confirmed and fans can look forward to another 135 new cards being added to the game in the near future.

The only drawback is that fans will have to wait an extra month before they can explore the latest expansion on Android, iOS, or PC platforms.

Hearthstone | Voyage to the Sunken City Cinematic Trailer

Hearthstone | Voyage to the Sunken City Cinematic Trailer

Hearthstone Murder at Castle Nathria Expansion

Blizzard has confirmed that the Hearthstone: Murder at Castle Nathria expansion will land on August 2, 2022. This being a full-fat DLC drop, Blizzard will be adding 135 cards, with reveals being planned for the weeks leading up to launch day.

A message from Blizzard explains the backstory of a death happening in The Shadowlands, telling fans: “Sire Denathrius invited 10 of his counterparts and enemies to Castle Nathria for a dinner party so that he could address the malicious rumours that he is hoarding anima, the life-energy that is drained from tortured souls and used to power the Shadowlands.

“But just after the festivities started, Sire Denathrius was found dead! It seems a gaggle of enemies does not a good dinner party make. Now the illustrious Murloc Holmes, and his trusty sidekick Watfin, have been called to solve the case. Scour new Location cards, follow the trail of Infused minions, question the 10 Legendary suspects, and help determine who committed Murder at Castle Nathria.

New cards are always exciting, and some of these are going to come with a fresh keyword for fans to wield and take advantage of. Cards with the Infuse keyword sit in your hand and absorb anima from your friendly minions as they die, and after the specified number perishes, the Infuse card transforms into a more powerful version.

A new card type is also being added in August called Location, which are played on the battlefield for an initial cost, and then have an ability that can be activated for free on your turns, each time for a powerful effect. Each activation costs 1 Durability and has a 1-turn Cooldown. Every class gets their own Location card in Castle Nathria which represents where they claim their suspect was at the time of the murder, and synergizes with the themes of the class.

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