Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 will be released pretty soon, and here’s everything fans want to know about it.

The anime Spring Slate is about to start, and the most anticipated anime series of this spring season is Hell’s Paradise. One of the primary reasons for the anticipation is that the anime comes from the powerhouse animation studio Mappa. After giving us masterpieces such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titans: Final Season, Chainsaw Man, and Vinland Saga, the studio is all set to amaze the community with the brand-new anime series.

Moreover, the anime is adapted from a Japanese manga of the same name that began its serialization in 2018 in Shonen Jump magazine. It also became the top-read Shonen mangas of 2018. The anime adaptation of the beloved manga was officially announced in Jump Festa 2022, and since then, every animanga fan has been waiting for its premiere.

When does Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 get released?

TV Tokyo will broadcast Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 in Japan at 11:00 PM JST on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Fans outside Japan can watch the anime series on Crunchyroll and Netflix. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that the release timings of every region will be different due to the time differences. Below time schedule should be followed:

What is the story of Hell’s Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise follows the story of a Ninja, Gabimaru, who wishes for nothing except to get back to his wife. Gabimaru flexes a superhuman body, which is why even after being sentenced to death, nothing seems deadly enough to kill him. However, constantly being sentenced to death isn’t fun either, and the executioner Yamada, who, in fact, was the one who double-crossed Gabimaru, offers him a chance to live. Yamada asks Gabimaru to bring her the Elixir of life (something that grants immortality) in exchange for his life. This deal sends Gabimaru on a deadly and emotionally challenging journey.

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