Jujutsu Kaisen manga is returning back from the brief break with its 218th chapter, and here, you will learn what these spoilers divulge about the upcoming chapter.

Previously, we saw Yorozu’s obsession with Sukuna. Despite her feelings for him, she decides to fight him because if she wins, Sukuna has to marry her. Sukuna agrees because he is sure Yorozu can’t defeat him. So, fans are eager to know what happens in the next chapter.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 218 spoilers show Sukuna overwhelms Yorozu with his counterattacks

The 218th chapter’s spoilers show Yorozu in distress because her Cursed Techniques do not produce as much Cursed Energy as others. However, she picks up an insect armor to proceed with the fight. In the start, she kicks and punches Sukuna. Seeing Sukuna falling with her attacks, she starts shouting at him and asks him to use his Shrine. Yorozu even gets more frustrated when she sees the headgear of Sukuna’s Shikigami Mahoraga on his head. That’s because she can’t see any advantage in it, so she keeps yelling at him.

Sukuna summons a new Shikigami, Madoka, who can heal the wounds of its user with its Reverse Cursed Technique. Apart from that, it also can erase the energy of Yorozu’s liquid metal. Sukuna summons another Shikigami, Kangyu, who is a bull and can move only in a straight line. Interestingly, its powers keep increasing with the distance it covers. Meaning the longer the distance, the more powerful the bull becomes.

To protect his new Shikigamis, Sukuna compromises their abilities and powers to make their physical forms unstable. Although, he provides them with his Cursed Energies to cover up for their lack of energy. Kangyu attacks Yorozu, and she cannot keep an eye on Sukuna, who flies over the building and drops a huge Elephant on Yorozu, breaking her armor. Sukuna taunts her about her love, and she vows to show how much love she has for him in her heart.

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