***WARNING Season 4 episode 21 SPOILERS AHEAD***

This week, Attack on Titan released episode 80 (Season 4 Episode 21) titled “From You, 2000 Years Ago.” This episode really broke down the walls to reveal an iconic history.

Truth be told, the rumbling had been teasing viewers throughout the past three seasons and fans were desperate to know what the consequences would be.

Let’s look at what the Titans in the walls are, how many are (were) in the walls and why they exist in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan | Final Season Eren & Reiner Crescendo Trailer

Attack on Titan | Final Season Eren & Reiner Crescendo Trailer

How many Titans are in the walls?

There are approximately 585,00 Titans within all of the Walls. The Wall Titans are around 45 meters long and 13 meters wide, and they are all lined up next to one another. They were initially found to exist by the Female Titan when trying to climb Wall Sheena to escape from Eren and the Survey Corps. This number differs from that mentioned in Chapter 86 where there was said to be tens of millions of Titans sleeping within the walls.

If you don’t know what Wall Titans are then they’re those titans that are abnormal-looking but have a similar appearance to a Colossus Titan. Wall Titans can crystallize and multiply to make up the three Walls before they were first freed in the year 854 by Eren Yeager when he softened the Walls.

It is estimated that the Wall Titans can travel over 600 km of land in half a day, and can reach up to 50 kph, pretty speedy right! They can even maintain this speed in water as we saw when they all crossed the ocean between Paradis Island and the mainland in a couple of days.

Colossal Titans in Season 4 episode 21

During season 4 episode 21, there is a lightning strike and rumbling starts again before the walls around Shiganshina crumble down. This is when a horde of Colossal Titans are revealed as they were hidden inside them. Mikasa then realises that this is how they defeated Marley, which answers Armin’s question as to why Eren brought down the rest of the walls too.

Eren then addresses all Subjects of Ymir and says that he wants to kill every single non-Eldian outside Paradis Island using the freed Wall Titans. Therefore Eren will make Paradis Island a safe place for all Eldians to live, doing this by killing everybody else…Stay tuned for the next episode, because it’s bound to be a good one!

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