Eagled-eyes Hunter X Hunter fans were quick to notice the resemblance between Netero and Record of Ragnarök’s Zeus after the second part of season 2 premiered.

Fans have been waiting for Hunter X Hunter anime to make a return ever since the series finished in 2019. Unfortunately, there are no new updates on its return. However, some people were quick to point out how Zeus from Netflix‘s Record of Ragnarök looked a lot like Netero from Hunter X Hunter. Seeing the resemblance between the two, fans were overtaken by nostalgic emotions.

Hunter x Hunter fans compare Record of Ragnarök character

Netero was a strong-willed character that never hesitated to draw out his full potential when faced with adversity. Unfortunately, his time in the manga and anime was short-lived as he died while battling Mereum.

Nonetheless, Hunter X Hunter fans still remember him and it did not take long for people to point out the resemblance between Zeus from Record of Ragnarök and Netero.

Fans noticed that Zeus’s build, mustache, and facial features looked a lot like Netero, just a bit older. This does not come as a surprise as Netero is supposed to be 120+ years old while Zeus is over 13.8 billion years old.

Fans react to their similarities

Social media users were quick to flood Twitter to express their shock over the similarities between the characters.

One user wrote: “Damn, makes so much sense now, Chairman Netero became a God in Record of Ragnarok after dying in HxH. Y’all should have told me!”

Another user added: “Netero died on HXH to go be a god in Record of Ragnarok.”

“Why does Zeus in Record of Ragnarok look like Netero after his last fight,” read one more comment.

“Record of Ragnorak…why does this man look like Netero before he detonated the rose bomb??” questioned another.

“The old man Zeus from Record of Ragnarok and Netero look quite similar… it’s shocking really,” said one more.

What is Record of Ragnarök about?

The record of Ragnarök manga and anime follows the war between Gods and humans as the deities decide to give people another chance to show if they are worthy of survival.

As of now, there are two seasons of the show and these can be watched on Netflix.

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