Demon Slayers have a special relationship with their crows unless you are Inosuke Hashibira because he is the only members whose crow never shows up.

Demon Slayer fans have been following Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado’s journey since season 1 and during this process, they were introduced to Inosuke and Zenitsu Agatsuma, who have become fan favorites. Each of these Demon slayers portrays a peculiar personality, but when it comes to being unpredictable, Inoksuke tops the list. In fact, his unexpected behavior is also feared by his crow, Dongurimaru.

Why does Inosuke’s crow never show up?

Insouke’s crow does not show up in front of him because there have been countless times when he has tried to eat it. Yes, you heard that right. Curious Inosuke could not control himself and saw Dongurimaru as a meal rather than a massager.

However, that does not mean he is not around. It turns out that Dongurimaru is aware that his life can come to an end if he shows up in front of Inosuke and to make sure that does not happen he is always watching him from afar.

In most cases, Inosuke gets his instructions from the crows of other Demon Slayers. This means fans will rarely get to see him in anime or manga.

Insouke’s behavior is influenced by his past

Throughout the anime, we see that Insouke is wild and free, unlike the other demon slayers. Even during the initial test, he was vocal about his dislike for rules.

One can say that his behavior is influenced by his upbringing as when Insouke was young, he was raised by wild boars after his mother was killed.

He was able to adapt to his surroundings and had close to no contact with humans. This could also explain his inability to understand his social surroundings.

His boar mask is a tribute to his adopted mother

Inosuke has always had a special place for his family, especially his adopted mother who was a boar. The mask that he wears is the head of his boar mother.

Inosuke tailors it to his need to ensure that he is able to see clearly and it is on rare occasions that he removes the mask.

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